Sorry I couldn't make it. Wanted to but was a busy evening last night. Hopefully sometime again this week. I'll be around.
Thanks for the host anyway!


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Won't be able to practice tomorrow, but I'll do another hosted session Friday for anyone interested. Lambo seems super stable. Was really surprised how boring it is to drive (in the best way possible... xD ). I'll probably give the BMW a go, next.
I'd be interested. That's nice to hear about the lambo. I'm going to turn laps in the Porsche. What you say about the lambo being boring is almost how I feel about the Porsche this week at the ring. It feels incredibly good and planted to the point where I've tweaked a good setup to get it more loose for mid-corner rotation.

I don't own the BMW or the Lambo - I may buy the lambo. I'm interested to check out the set you're using and compare.

What sort of lap times were you hitting?


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Low 1:01's at best. 1:02-1:03 average. I have no idea what pace to maintain. I meant to post earlier, but my phone died at work...

Going to put up a Hosted session starting at 7pm ET tonight! Gonna run the Beemer this time.
I'm interested to run more possibly!

Does anyone have any sets floating around? What are the initial feelings on car choice and such?

PS sorry I haven't been able to make it. I swear I've been trying lol. Got stuck at dinner with the in laws friday night.


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The Porsche is too hard to keep under control over the course of a stint. I run faster and more consistent laps in the BMW with far less effort so it's my pick so far.

The only point the BMW struggles is braking through Turn 1, the rear really wants to step out so you have to be a bit careful.

Will try the Lambo though as I've enjoyed driving it in the past.
I tried some laps in the porsche. I had two different sets- a dedicated Suzuka one I found, and a set I really liked that I tuned a bit. I was only doing hotlapping so not really trying to do a long stint- was in a default, hot noon. Could only manage 2:02 pushing hard. Almost exactly 2:03 was my normal lap. Again- hothapping in hot weather.

I don't think the Porsche is as bad as you say it is but I wasn't particularly thrilled with it either. If you tried the first set I ran, I can understand the dislike for running it. I do not have the lambo or the BMW. So you guys make the call and I'll pick which ever up.

I have no idea how you're a minute quicker than me Marc!


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Sorry Kyle, Ken and I turned well over 100 laps each and it got dull, so we took a break. Figured we'd come back to it when the tracks switch over. I think the next test will be the Lambo, for Ken? I think it's the most stable. It should be, it's running 10 degrees of rear wing. Despite all that wing, no one is really driving away from me, and I can really push the hell out of it, even on a hot race track. BMW would be a lot of work for 10 hours, and the Porsche seems even more unstable.

I'd be interested in running Friday night and Saturday. Obviously I have the time off, so I'm available to drive whenever.
No worries I know how it goes. If you can share that Lambo set it would be appreciated. I'll grab it on iRacing and run some laps.


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Turned laps in the Lambo today and did a race. The car itself seems more planted than the BMW however I find it a bit skittish in the final chicken leading onto the front straight.
I will say Zac's set helps with that. It has softer suspension that really shines through the chicane and under braking. One major thing I noticed with it vs the other sets I've tried.
After giving more sets a go, I can definitely say I appreciated his even more.
So who is running Friday's race? Is it just me, Ken and Marc?

I should be there basically the whole race but I'm not going to be able to run the first two stints. The kids won't be asleep so I don't want to risk abt interruption while I'm driving but like I said I'll be on to watch / spot etc.


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