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Preparation for the seventh event of the iRacing Special Events officially began last night!

This is a team event. Two Drivers Minimum!

Track: Circuit des 24 Heures du Mans - 24 Heures du Mans - 8.47 miles (13.63 km) - 33 Turns
Date: May 31- June 2, 2019
Race Times:
Saturday 01:00 GMT (Friday 21:00 EDT) / Saturday 13:00 GMT (09:00 EDT)
Race Length: 24 Hours

Sim Start Time: 15:00
Warmup: 30 Minutes
Race Start Time: ~15:40?
Race Length: 24 Hours
Sim Sunset: 21:50
Full Dark:
Sim Sunrise: 06:05

Weather: Dynamic
Incident Limit: 240
Classes: LMP1-HY, LMP2, GTE

[LMP1-HY] Audi R18
(Setup Attatched)]

Livery Download:

Debra Bennet @Deb
Nejtun Cameron @Nejtun
Marc Gammack @Skid_Marc_
Matthew A Holmes @Brainling
Hans Mohr @ShadniX

[LMP1-HY] Porsche 919

[LMP2] HPD ARX-01c

[GTE] Ford GT - 2017

[GTE] Ferrari 488 GTE

[GTE] Porsche 911 RSR

**Please read!**
Drive Time and Team Registration


The above schedule now has an "Availability" tab!
  • Please put an "X" in the hours which you are available to drive during the race!
  • Please add the number of consecutive stints you are willing to drive (1, 2, or 3) in the bottom row of the chart!

Band of Others' #PracticePals occurs Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 01:00 GMT (20:00 EST)!

If you can not make PracticePals, use this thread to plan practice sessions, share setups changes, and keep up on other team happenings! Please note that just adding your name in this thread does NOT guarantee a seat in the actual race. You MUST show up to group practice sessions before the event! The final teams will only be made up of drivers that practice and actively participate in this thread! Planning for these events usually goes into the final week before the event, but the sooner we can confirm everyone who is racing, the sooner we can finish the schedule and finalize paints!


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John Beatty Jr @QuadroMan1
Debra Bennett @Deb
Anson Bennette @Anson Bennette
Michael Belyea @afroducks
Lucas Biron @LoucMachine
Nejtun Cameron @Nejtun
Jes Colman @Jes_971
Gregor Eevardi @Saytex
Marc Gammack @Skid_Marc_
Kelley Grant @Kelley G
Matthew A Holmes @Brainling
Mike Kinger @Kinger
Patrick Jura @VipersStrike21
Ken Lindberg @Kenadian
Noël Lüneburg @Noodleguitar
Bedo Magardichian @Bedo
Anthony Mino @Tony
Hans Mohr @ShadniX
Michael Morahn @Hydromani
Davey Riendeau @Fromthenavy
Sam Roselaar @Sam Roselaar
Denis Savretić @SavreticD
Dino Topic @Slider
Reid Westphal @reid
Rees Wagen @Rees Wagen
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Really great seeing so many people giving the LMP1 cars a shot this week, and it was good to get them on Le Mans and let them stretch their legs! You can tell that this is what these cars were designed to do! Hope to see more of you in practice Friday!
I'll be in Columbus visiting a friend sometime during the week leading up to the race and then seeing the Final Fantasy symphony live! That's on the night of the 31st, so I'll start the 6 hour drive home on the morning of the 1st. Just to give myself some wiggle room, I put my availability as 6pm EDT and after. Unless I'm running really tight that should give me some time to get home and warm up before my stint.
Just finished my first race in the Audi and WOW, it is completely different with actual race traffic. I had *15* off tracks, traffic was like a constant puzzle to figure out with managing boost, and just deciding if you should take the gap in traffic or not every 2 seconds. Definitely going to need a lot more practice in race conditions. Finished 6th/10th at least! Could've held 5th but I messed up in traffic. I started turning off boost through the arena after turn 1 to make sure I had enough for the straights, really helped a lot. If there's one word that describes this car, it's "overwhelming" lol
I'll take this redemption. Finished 2/11, on the 2nd to last lap I got a 4x with a lapped LMP1 car, a GTE was closing in fast on my rear view and, trying to avoid it, locked the brakes into the lapped LMP1 who was trying to let me by :( 8x total is a lot less worse though, would like to nail a 0x.

Biggest thing I learned though is you *cannot* let this car stress you out, or it's just going to snowball. I tried going in a lot more patient, a lot less racey, and more focused on just minimizing risk and it worked out a lot better.
I tried the HPD today, it's great around Le Mans but the visibility and small mirrors requires a spotter. Especially with the LMP1s. I'll give the LMP1s a try, except I have no idea where to begin.
Why is there such a strong preference for the LMP Audi over the Porsche. Isn't the 919 supposed to be much faster or something? Just curious.
Because iRacing isn't modelling fuel usage limits, everyone and their mother drives the 919 because it charges easy and deploys a lot, making it faster. Le Mans is perfect time for Audi because anything can affect the race and unless you're top split, the speed difference won't be as much of a hit.
I'd prefer the Porsche, 100%, but the feeling of the group heavily leaned toward the Audi so I just chose not to die on that hill :) If we could get four people that wanted to run the Porsche though, I'd do it.
I'd prefer the Porsche, 100%, but the feeling of the group heavily leaned toward the Audi so I just chose not to die on that hill :) If we could get four people that wanted to run the Porsche though, I'd do it.
I would do the Porsche. I'm honestly at a complete loss with these cars (not really, but I say it for dramatic effect) and how some people are able to drive 6 seconds faster (I totally get it, but I'm just expecting immediate results as I've never driven this car). I agree that over the course of the race it probably doesn't matter more often than not.

I do like the Porsche over the Audi because I can see the mirrors better in VR.
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Both cars have pros and cons. The "group" leaned to the Audi for a few reasons;

  • Preference of Nejt, Hans, and I outnumbered Matt.
  • Experience from Nejtun and Hans having ran a season of Endurnce together with it.
  • @Kenadian poured more hours into trying to skin the Audi than any other paint scheme, so he'd like to get use out of it.
  • The Audi is surprisingly hands-off at Le Mans: just drive, and on a solo lap, it does all the boost for you. I haven't had to hit a button or manually boost at all on my quickest laps and I'm using 80-90% of my lap allotment. Maybe there is time to be gained manually boosting, but it doesnt seem as critical.
  • Generally better visability (personal preference, of course) from the sense that the Audi doesnt have the wheel wells obstructing your views to the left and right.
That said, I think everyone should, and will, try both!


The Porsche is an interesting car, but I can't say at this point it is a car I want to drive in a 24 Hour race. Some observations:

1. It is very difficult to see turning into corners, which is causing me to over slow the car.
2. The brakes seem twitchy or inconsistent, perhaps this could be adjusted with brake bias and more practice, but it is not an issue in the Audi.
3. So this is kind of vague, but perhaps since I haven't driven a prototype in real life, the car isn't as immersive to me. I feel more like I am playing a video game than driving a car . . . . (oh, wait, I am in playing a video game ;)), the Audi seems better also in this regard, although neither sound great, but I seem to have more of a sense of being in a car in the Audi and more like being in a very fast tank in the Porsche, there is less about it that feels like the real experience of driving a race car, but again, I've never driven a prototype.

I will give the HPD a try as well.

Oh, here is the song I was talking about :D



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You do eighty in second gear
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