Star Citizen free for a week!

Hey all, not sure who is keeping an eye on this title, it seems like it has been in alpha forever (because it has lol) RSI have recently put out a major patch however which has come with a ton of performance and game/graphic improvements and from 23rd to 30th of November you can play for free.
You get access to some ships and all the current game modes so worth a little look. The download is quite hefty though (I am downloading it as I type and it is patching 32 gig after the initial 12 gig download )
Go HERE to sign up for an account and get the free week. Worth a try imo as it would normally cost $45 for the starter kit. Click the red banner at the top of the page which is titles "Anniversary free fly" it looks like a cookie banner so don't be too quick to click the X :D

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