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Hey all, I am just doing a couple of quick tests and would like some feedback if you don't mind on some VR games that I would like to record. While I am playing, I know where I am looking so head movements are not catching me by surprise even when I watch the video back.
When people are playing things on monitors the viewer gets no movement at all unless the game does it for you, moving on to TrackIR the viewer now gets some head movement but this is a little suppressed as the monitor still needs to be in front of the person playing.
Then we have the VR view, every little movement that the player does will be experienced by the viewer, this can get a little difficult to watch but the movement can be lessened by the person playing just keeping their head a bit steady and being mindful of the fact someone else is watching.

First up is American Truck Simulator, of all the driving games this one has the most head movement I think as you are constantly looking out of the side window and down the road to the next junction, using mirrors and keeping an eye on the sat-nav, not to mention the scenery is pretty nice and you just want to have look!

Anyway, first example embedded here, please let me know!
thanks :)

This one is for DCS, I went for a start up and flight so the maximum amount of head movement is relayed to the viewer.
Would also like to know if there is anything more as a viewer people would like to see on the screen regarding overlays perhaps?
no chat window in this one as I have yet to set a place for it but the same one as appeared in the ATS video will be somewhere on the screen.
Please note also I have to drop my MIC level a little for VR recordings as my GPU fans max out to stop my card from throttling, I have still to find a solution for this but that will come, I don't think that is such an issue for DCS as the aircraft engines usually overwhelm most other sounds anyway, if you are having trouble hearing me talk then please let me know that as well!
Thanks :)

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Here is Elite Dangerous , for this one I tried to capture the menus, A look around the interior, the exterior of the ship plus taking off and landing. it might be tricky to find somewhere out of the way to put chat that doesn't make one of the other menus pop in and out all of the time as the menus are currently set to "snap-in" when I look at them.

Feedback as always please!
Thanks :)

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OK Last one!
iRacing, you should notice a lot less head movement in this one as I am generally looking forwards and for the most part my eyes move to the apex of a corner and I only need to move my head for the sharper turns.
Getting a few micro stutters which may be because OBS is running or perhaps my graphics settings are too high to have with OBS at the same time?

Anyway, here it is, comments and feedback appreciated below!

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I find both TrackIR and VR streams very difficult to watch because of all the head movement in them. After a while I find myself starting to get nauseous and the longer I watch the worse it seems to get, no idea why?

This is why I set it up so TrackIR's sensitivity is dulled and doesn't pick up every little move near the main axes. You lose some range in movement with this but it's very minimal and can easily be gained back by saturating immediately thereafter.

I think your videos look a lot better than some I've seen but there is a fair amount of twitchiness to it that's ever present. If you could tune that out just a bit the picture would be more stable and easier to watch, at least in my case.

The sense of dimension though and living world is outstanding. I just don't know if I've seen things look as true 3D as they do in your test videos, good job!
Thanks Ken! The nausea thing for TrackIR and VR is because you cannot predict where someone is going to move their head so your brain has to catch up.
If you could tune that out just a bit the picture would be more stable and easier to watch
This is the tough bit for VR as there are no "curves" or filters if you like, the View you are getting is exactly as my head moves , it is 100% 1-1 so any head movement at all translates to image movement I think YouTube has some post processing thing that can filter out shakeyness (and no doubt other editing software has this as well) but for live videos it would just be the case of keeping my head as steady as possible.
More a case of being mindful of random head movements (unless I can find some sort of damping machine for my neck :D)
Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! :)
Looks good mate watched all of them, all watchable and smooth.

I wish there was some way of conveying to people who haven't experienced VR with their own eyes yet how those games look in an HMD. Having played all of them 2D and in VR you just can't get across how different it looks to the VR user compared to watching a recording/stream of it on a 2D screen.

p.s. can I have your autograph before you get famous please?
Cheers P!
I think that VR is now accessible enough for almost anyone to give it a try, you are right though, it is almost impossible to explain in words the scale and immersion from it.

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