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Hello fellow racers,

It is with a heavy heart I share with you today I'll be taking a hiatus from iRacing.

In taking last week off I realized I'm simply burned out on the Sim for now. For the most part I've been as active as possible for just over 5 years in #PracticePals, Endurance and even VLN as of late and I simply need time away.

Selfishly, I've other games to play and wish to experiment on Twitch in different areas.

In addition when Cyberpunk drops later this year I'll play it exclusively for at least 2 weeks, more if it's what I hope it is. I'm also weighing whether or not a week off to play/stream The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II is part of the picture (hope so).

Currently I'm unsure how long this break will last but my guess is likely until mid-June or even July at the earliest.

Deepest apologies to all you who count on me there. I've just noticed I'm simply not enjoying my time in Sim as of late which I'm sure you've all noticed either in attendance or attitude; both signs of burn out for me.

Should you require painting or anything similar I'm still available.
As the group Chicago once sang.........."Everybody needs a little time away".

In all seriousness, it's pretty understandable and you gotta do what you enjoy and not necessarily feel obligated to play or participate in any particular title. I took pretty much all of 2019 away from Iracing with only racing officially I think 3 times the entire year and this year I've already done over 35 races so it ebbs and flows.


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Ya I need to spend some time in DCS @Jeeve79 without question.

As for other games though, don't need them. I've a full dance card now with returning to ETS2 as well as Snowrunner. I'm also likely to jump back into Conan Exiles a bit as well as continue to play Battlefield 4.

Then of course there's The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2 and Cyberpunk 2077.

Lastly, I'm streaming Red Dead Redemption 2 on Single-player Saturdays and considering perhaps extending that to Sundays as well.


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Just to confirm, I won't be running LeMans this year.

Actually, looking at the iRacing Schedule I may not be able to run any more Endurance this year.

24hr of Spa is around the time of my Companies internal audit delayed this year due to Covid. This is a horribly busy time for me so I won't have near the time to practice.

Petit LeMans occurs during the Vacation I've booked to stream Cyberpunk, Cyberpunk and only Cyberpunk so that's a wash for sure unless the game gets delayed once again.


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