The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition release date 28th October


Anyone else excited for this? I'm going to go through the entire game again (for the fourth time!) when this is released. I've already completed the main quest twice on the Xbox 360 and once on the PC, and it's testament to this game that I want to go through it again a fourth time. I can't wait.

When you see the differences in last gen to current gen consoles in this trailer, and then imagine how good this is going to look in 4K on a PC with unlocked framerates, plus how good the mods will be once the modders get hold of it.... wow. This is going to be a beautiful game.

I am super excited for this. I only played it through the once but was a ridiculous amount of fun.

After this they need to remaster Morrowind.
My only concern is the progress of the SKSE team.
As every indication thus far is pointing toward older mods not being fully supported UNTIL SKSE is ready.
At present: My new Win7 + i7 core based Machine (Note: Win7 + DX9 allow for more that 4 gigs of RAM to be used. Win8/10 +DX9 have an annoying bug which keeps the original 4 gig throttle in place) is running 320 mods. Including an ENB which renders in glorious 2k/4K (There is variance between some of the texture packs I'm running; but it all looks great).
I will be grabbing the new edition; but will not run it until I know that some of the older mods I'm running will work in the new version. As the version I am running now runs great (rarely crashes).
All of the press I've read from folks like ESO is saying to hold onto your original game (PC) and all it's mods for now. As the Legendary Edition is really focussed more on the poor, hapless console peons who have been playing Skyrim without the wonderful mods that the PC Master Race have had since the release of the Kit.
I simply cannot play the game without Jaysus' Swords installed. Call me fixated ;).
LOL, I just now starting to play regular Skyrim after all these years. I just could not get past that hideous PC user interface. I wonder if the remaster has a upgraded PC UI?
There are plenty of mods to make the UI more PC friendly. It was one of the first mods I installed. Pretty sure the mod will still work or they will release an update for it :)
6 hours until it unlocks! :D

I'm finishing the Gears of War 4 co-op campaign with a friend tonight then a quick break before throwing myself into the glorious embrace of Skyrim once again. I can't wait :)
Well, the mods are flooding in to the Nexus, and with just a few installed Skyrim is looking better than it ever has done, and oh my god is it nice to have zero loading now. No more load times when you open a frikken door... woohoo! Really enjoying re-visiting Skyrim, especially with the "live another life" mod. It's freshened the game right up, and with the move to 64 bit the game is so stable now. No more flickering textures or any of the silly little bugs when you had mods running.

Overall I'm really pleased with it, and very impressed so far.

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