The Witcher Series will continue


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CDProjekt has been very vocal about The Witcher 3 being the ending of Geralt's story. CDPR CEO Adam Kicinski stated The Witcher was designed as a trilogy meaning this would be the last time we'd walk in Geralt's boots.

Kinda sad actually as I've grown attached to him after 3 installments but I totally understand.

At this time CDProjekt has not confirmed when we'd return to this world, who we'd play as or even what time the period would be.

Right now all we have to go on is that we'll return at some point and the next installment will not be titled "The Witcher 4".

There's speculation that the next Witcher is the secret triple A game in development at CDProjekt but I'd be surprised if this was it.

Having said that, The Witcher 3 took 3 1/2 years to develop so the timeline could be right if their 2021 release schedule is anything to go by.

Do you think the other triple A title CDPR is working on is the next Witcher or do you think it's another new IP?
It's almost certainly the new Witcher. In another interview that I can't find now, one of the CDPR guys said they are a two IP studio. Basically that they want to be able to produce two big, sprawling RPG's, every few years across two IP's. Those IP's are certainly The Witcher and Cyberpunk at this point.

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