Things I've Done Recently in Kerbal Space Program

Since I've been talking to Ken about trying this game since he owns it already, I thought I'd show some of the tasks I've been working on in my career game. I have two contracts for bases on the two different moons of Kerbin, this base fulfills both and is suitable for a longer-term investment with ISRU mining capabilities.

To get that into orbit we're gonna break it up into 5 payload sub-assemblies and use my trusty Spaceplane SSTO.

In order to get the modules to the Mun or Minmus, I've built a nuclear engine powered Tug and Sky Crane for the Kerbin system. Both of these craft are designed with the longer-term in mind as they are controlled with probe cores in order to keep Jeb and company's zero-G time to a minimum (no in-game benefit to that, more role-play than anything).


That booster for the tug is rather sizeable, isn't it?

After a rendezvous between the Crane, Tug and CC/MPL module of the base it looks like this.

The mining module payload from the Spaceplane will be added and then we'll do a TMI (trans-munar injection) burn and then circularize around the moon of our choice. Full base deployment to follow. Where are we gonna land, well I currently have a Mun Hopper that will explore the higher concentrations of ore that are indicated by scanning sattelite for accuracy and flatness. It lands, refuels and hops to the next spot to explore.

This hopper is also duel tasking by recovering orbital debris and it's Kerbalnaut contract that I picked up. I also have a Duna/Mars mission in work, but am doing other things while letting the estended travel time tick down.

I know ElectroVodka and possibly others have played and I'd be interested in hearing what they think of my craft and solutions. As far as anyone else starting, I'd be happy to get you over the hump regarding the initial learning curve. I can continue this series a bit if there is interest.

Mods I use:
CKAN Mod Manager/Installer
[x] Science! Continued
Click Through Blocker
Docking Port Alignment Indicator
Editor Extensions Redux
Environmental Visual Enhancements & Stock Planet Configurations
Kerbal Alarm Clock
Kerbal Engineer Redux
Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Continued
Transfer Window Planner & TriggerAu Flags (TWP is dependent on this)

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