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Hello all,

As many of you may be aware, I've been absent for quite some time now from Twitch and much of B2O.

Unfortunately I find myself currently lost in the "Perfect Storm" of challenges that have eaten away at what little free time I have.

At my day job I've accepted a promotion not so much because I wanted it but more because it was a devil you know situation. The early days of my past boss and I were not so rosy and it took some time to get him to see the light when it came to various production processes under his control. I just don't have the energy to go through this again so I took the promotion at the urging of the Production Manager and in doing so stepped into the hornets nest.

I got along famously with my previous boss but he was a bit stubborn in some areas. We always managed to work past it but sometimes he'd just veto something for no good reason that I could determine.

Over the past few months I've received a lot of feedback from his peers and found out he wasn't the most popular of Managers. He excluded all of them from his daily routine choosing instead to work his way regardless of the negative impact it had on other Departments and their Staff. I was aware of his disdain for the Production Manager but clearly not aware of the level as he apparently refused to work with the Production Manager at all which apparently had a drastic effect on employee workload scheduling.

I've since taken over the scheduling of course but to call it a disaster is far short of what it truly is. Jobs are input into the system daily by the truckload many of which are requested 3 weeks down the road but projected for 7 - 8 weeks time to completion. Seriously, every job input into our current system is projected to be completed a month late and nobody is batting an eyelash, wtf?

I've been making the best of it, increasing transparency with Sales, Customer Service, fellow Managers and the Production Manager. Until a few weeks ago I was sort of keeping up and then...

...one of my key workers fell ill. He was apparently sick enough to miss a full week of work throwing the schedule way off.

Normally I like to be as close to a full week ahead of projection but losing an employee that long makes it impossible. Added to this were other Production Issues requiring my Staff's commitment all in all costing me the better part of 2 - 3 weeks worth or Production Shifts over half my Staff.

To make matters worse the sick guy uses my phone nightly (he's a night-shift guy) and must have deep throat my phone receiver as I too got sick as a dog.

For a week I was freezing to boiling instantly, dizzy and unable to rest. Of course it was impossible to miss work so I was working through it but doing half days just so I could ensure all my Staff were scheduled properly.

Now that I'm back on my feet I've a lot of work to do to ensure my Department is the best it can be for a major audit the week of Apr 10 - 13. Since I've never been audited as a Department Head I'm a bit nervous and doing all I can to be prepared.


From a home perspective things aren't much better.

A few weeks ago I was streaming as usual then at 6:30 PM I started dropping frames by the thousands. I tried everything I could stopping and restarting the stream, changing XSplit settings, messing with my router, etc., but nothing I tried made any difference.

The issue I'm experiencing is massive ping spikes every few seconds making it impossible to live stream and difficult (at best) to stay connected to iRacing Servers.



As you can see, my Ping is all over the place and Jitter is in the red.

In speaking with my ISP they felt that possibly a new Modem was in order so they came over replacing my modem, my cable connection in the wall and the cabling to the modem.

Great service, great effort, no difference whatsoever.

I'm not even sure what I can do at this point to correct the issue?

I'm confident it's not my Computer as I've replaced the cabling to it, re-ran the most recent update for my Motherboards on-board Network controller, ran Spyware and Virus Scans, turned off background updating processes requiring internet connection, etc., all to no avail.

So yeah, there it is and to say it's been far from ideal is a massive understatement.

Hopefully I can be back on some sort of schedule after the audit mid April but if not I'll be sure to update.

Until then please expect me to be hit and miss.


Wow, what a mess! So sorry you are having to deal with all of this at that same time :( Can you change service providers for your internet service?

We will miss you. I hope that audit goes well, keep us posted :) And guess what, first endurance race after you get back is Nurburgring, I know you are soooooooo excited about that :rolleyes:
That sucks to hear man. I knew you were having issues, didn't realize they were that crazy. Hopefully you're back to a more healthy state by the time Nurburgring comes around.
Just to make sure it's not your computer try pinging from another machine or phone.Just try, at least you will be sure.
I'm sorry this is happening for you :(
Hope you get things all wrapped up soon Ken. only a couple of weeks until the audit is out of the way at least!
Put windows 10 on your PC , pretty sure windows 3.11 doesn't have the correct networking capability that you need for a stable stream.
That's double annoying. I hope you get some gratitude at work for putting a lot of effort into trying to fix that situation.

I have no clue what the ping issue could be but I can see how that makes it difficult to do anything serious on the internet.
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Just another speed bump on the road of life bud. Congratulations on the promotion, it'll all be worth it in the end. You're a warrior so not surprised you went in to work even when you should have been at home resting, hopefully you are on the mend now. Keep your chin up mate and take your time to get shit sorted out. We aren't going anywhere so the B2O will be here waiting when you get back. Man hugs
Ouch, that sounds really rough. :( Not sure what to add to this which haven't been said already. Had my fair share of project crunch time in the past - it sucks when it is there and there isn't really a way around it other than to work and get stuff done somehow. I hope your audit goes well and you are able to go back to a more healthy schedule after that.

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