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Hey all,

As usual I intend to stream a minimum of Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat but need your help in one area if you don't mind?

I'm rather limited with what I can do when it comes to Livestreaming the PS4 given the construct of how I choose to stream currently.

There is no software crossover and even hardware changes.

What I'll be testing is a stream blending between these two sources and there software suites to see if there's a way to seamlessly transition between them without interrupting the stream source.

I'll probably make several attempts at this over the course of the week and expect the testing to take no longer than 10 - 15 minutes at the end of each regularly scheduled program.

If you don't mind, I'd love if a few of you could stick around at the end of the stream with me in TS to test this out.

Thank you.


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This ended up being a complete failure, dammit.

There is currently no way (that I can find) to send 2 signals to one stream and have Twitch prioritize the existing stream and queuing the new stream.

I thought it would work like /hosting however it appears it does not.

I think if I want to start and end my PS4 streams like I do my PC streams I'll have to get creative. I think it's possible to simply upload my intro/outro to YouTube and keep them as hidden video.

Then I can play them with my music in the background and give it the appearance of continuity when compared to my PC based streams.

We'll see I guess.

Testing continues.
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