Twitch Prime no longer offering Ad Free Viewing


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As of September 14, 2018 Twitch Prime will no longer include ad free viewing for New Members.

Members with monthly subscription dates will see this change a month later (Oct 15) while Members with annual re-sub dates will enjoy ad free viewing until their sub requires renewal.

The reason for this change is to allow creators more choices when it comes to revenue but whether this affects just Partners or Partners and Affiliates remains to be seen.

My guess is Twitch may be laying the foundation for the inclusion of ad revenue for Affiliates simply because I received this e-mail and I'm not yet Partnered, merely Affiliated.

The entirety of the e-mail can be seen below:

In the almost two years since we launched Twitch Prime, it’s been exciting to see so many members of the Twitch community take advantage of one of the best deals in gaming and use perks like monthly channel subscriptions to support streamers like you.

As we have continued to add value for your viewers with Twitch Prime, we have also re-evaluated some of the existing Twitch Prime benefits. As a result, universal ad-free viewing will no longer be part of Twitch Prime for new members, starting on September 14. Twitch Prime members with monthly subscriptions will keep ad-free viewing until October 15. Members who already have annual subscriptions, or who upgrade to annual subscriptions before September 14, will continue with ad-free viewing until their next renewal date.

All other Twitch Prime benefits, like monthly channel subs, monthly games and loot, chat badges are not changing, and Twitch viewers can still get ad-free viewing across all channels by subscribing to Twitch Turbo (read about Turbo right here).

As a Twitch creator, we know you get a lot of questions from your community when changes happen on Twitch. We want to equip you with as much information as we can about this change to Prime benefits.

I believe everyone received the email (or maybe just prime members?) but it sounds like Amazon has been clawing back prime membership features for a little bit now in different areas.

IIRC partners would get the ad revenue from subscribed/prime/turbo members even though they didn't get the advertisement. Though I don't know many streamers that actually used the feature and those that did just ran them between games when they were taking a break or something.

Would be cool if you guys with affiliate status got the ability to run ads and get the ad revenue but I think without a pretty substantial audience you're looking at pennies a month most likely.
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