Twitch stream issues - dropping 50% of frames


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Unfortunately I wasn't able to stream last night due to issues with dropping frames.

At best I could momentarily drop 10% of frames only to have it double within seconds.

In trying to isolate a potential hop issue I tried multiple ingest servers which only made things worse.

I've no idea what's wrong at the moment as Internet Monitors suggest no issues as do Internet Speed Tests?

Having said that, I've noticed both down and upload seem to be lower than expected so I'll see if my ISP can find an issue.


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Well still not sure what the issue was but it seems to be working now?

I've just run a few small test streams at 6k up and both were fine. The only dips were timed dips when I ran Internet Speed Tests from both and During tests the stream only dropped frames during upload test and only while test was performed.

So, learned nothing from this lol.

Be back Wednesday I think.

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