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Hello all,

Whenever you build a Website you do so to satisfy your interests and hope that it will be interesting enough to attract others.

However I don't believe that attracting new Membership is enough, you have to continually strive to ensure their happiness. After all, they are selflessly donating their valuable time to you so the least you can do is make it seem like home least that's how I try to approach it.

Attracting new Membership is always a bit of a rush particularly when they decide to stick around long term. It's great to get to know these new faces and I'm happy to have gotten to know so many of you fine folks.

What's even more humbling though is when a Member is willing to tell others and bring them into the fold. There are no words to express how awesome this is so instead of words I'm focusing on means to give back.

Twitch Streamers Reward System is phase one.

Twitch Streamers Reward System

Essentially the Twitch Streamers Reward System is meant to acknowledge the efforts of our long-term Twitch Membership. These are the folk who selflessly advertise B2O either in nomenclature, graphic overlays and/or word of mouth helping our fine Community grow.

This System is meant to reward these Members with as much cross advertising as B2O can give in an attempt to help their individual channels grow and will include the following perks:
  • Embedded player on Twitch Streamer Page (Blog) currently found here: .
  • Short writeup of Member Twitch Channel focus and/or whatever details you'd like to share.
  • Forum Badge.
  • Additional Forum accesses (coming soon)
...and whatever else I can think of.

Now given this is not an automated system it takes some work to implement all this and keep it current.

For that reason there must be a measure of Membership commitment so the following prerequisites must be in place (my apologies):
  • Forum post count of 500 and/or active Staff Rank.
  • No hate speech whatsoever on your Stream.
  • Minimum Twitch follower count of 25 (negotiable).
  • Minimum Stream requirement of 2 streams weekly in the same time slot.
  • Inclusion of Band of Others on your Twitch Page either by small Band of Others overlay and/or mention of B2O Community near the top of your Pages nomenclature.
Again my sincerest of apologies for the prerequisites but they exist solely to give back to dedicated long-term Membership. If I were to just hand this out to everyone I'd spend most of my time managing this one system.

Thank you all for your tireless efforts in helping to make B2O the best Gaming Community on the net; it is because of you we grow just a little more awesome by the day :)

The Twitch Streamers Reward System is still very much in development so things may change as I delve further into the project.

Phase 2 will likely be a similar reward system for dedicated Membership with YouTube Channels.

(negotiable): Where commitment is clearly demonstrated minimum values (prerequisite) may be ignored.
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Phase 2 will likely be a similar reward system for dedicated Membership with YouTube Channels.
I was going to say... throughout this entire post I read, why wouldn't someone who is just youtube-centric be rewarded? Why are they that different?

Just out of curiousity, because I do a lot for the community on my channel and especially recently, have given a lot of attention to Band of Others - even having iRacing share my videos on multiple occasions across multiple platforms.

I know you know this though, and I'm just wondering, why differentiate between the two types of contribution? I may not be able to get as many videos online as you do via the stream in a certain time frame but I can't imagine the hours we both spend on it are vastly different.

NOT starting any sort of argument but just putting that out for discussion - I am not and never will be a twitch-type person. Overall I love the idea and am behind this sort of system 100%. This is great from a marketing standpoint.


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I can't put the two together simply because the format is completely different in how they'll be presented.

I have to do the Twitch one first as its the simplest and will help me tremendously when structuring the YouTube Reward System. I also don't want to serve static content with live streamed content which is a big reason for keeping them apart.

Some people stream, some people make YouTube vids, some do both; all will have the exact same rewards except with different rank badges onsite.

There really is no reason to combine them unless people around here start streaming on YouTube which to my knowledge is no one.

It is coming but won't work with Twitch, believe me, I've been toiling over this for months now since I first hinted it was coming.


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17 followers. fml.
I've amended this to 25 because you're right, 100 is a stupid value; sorry for suggesting it.

The only reason I had it in place is I don't want to have to continually update the Twitch Page for those not committed to streaming. I felt the value of 100 would clearly separate those who stream regularly from those who do not.

I've made the following changes in interests of getting more streamers on the Twitch Page:
  • Minimum Twitch follower count of 25 *
  • Minimum Stream requirement of 2 streams weekly *
* Exceptions made to Members with 1000+ posts at B2O.
Well I'll be streaming every race I do in iRacing and will be streaming more Rocket League failing so I'll be streaming more than twice a week, probably every Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night now as some home life circumstances have changed. I seem to get a new follower every time I stream so I'm sure the numbers will grow? I'm only in it for promoting B2O though, I'm not interested in making any money from it for myself etc. My sole reason for streaming will be promotion of B2O, and recording things to look back on in years to come by highlighting streams. So sign me up daddy-o, I'm in.
Hoping to get back into a Monday and Friday stream schedule, life has been a little hectic the past few weeks. Just needed a break from iRacing should start seeing me on a bit more in the next coming weeks.

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