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  • Far Cry 3

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  • Half Life 2

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  • Life is Strange - Before the Storm

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For many weeks now I've been streaming The Witcher 3 on Singleplayer Saturday's which, for some, has gotten a bit stale now.

I can certainly understand this point of view particularly when I'm grinding a lot of undiscovered locations and paying less attention to story.

In order to liven things up I'd like to add another game but something from my current library if at all possible.

Also, if you have any suggestions please post them here for consideration.

Poll and post close this Friday May 1 so please get your vote in early.
  1. ArmA 3 Campaign
  2. Black and White 2
  3. Far Cry 3
  4. Half Life 2
  5. Life is Strange - Before the Storm
  6. The Walking Dead - Telltale
Thank you :)


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Black and White if you just want a game for a couple weeks, and aren't worried about playing it for a long time. It's a great game that you could pick up and play with no real pressure to finish. And it's hilarious!

If you're looking for a campaign that you want to play start to finish, though, I'd vote for the Arma 3 campaign!


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Bennet foddy or we riot
Just to be clear to everyone, you will NEVER see me play that game again. I can understand the entertainment value in me wanting to put my fist through my monitor but it's just too damn expensive.

Ultimately though it's equally important I enjoy the game and Bennet Foddy isn't even close to enjoyable. Alien Isolation is a good suggestion but it's far more entertaining for you @little P to stream it than I.

I admit I was a wuss in SOMA but you're a complete pussy in Alien Isolation lol. I saw your locker clip where you hid in there the entire time, classic

ArmA 3's campaign leaves a lot to be desired and isn't terribly interesting or action packed. Also, my Team Leader can stand in the open and Police Squad with the OPFOR Team Leader at 5 paces however if I poke my head out from behind cover for even a second I get domed from 3 directions.

ArmA 3 is far better Coop or even MP than it is SP.
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