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Hello all,

As you all know we've had ongoing issues with the Forum since our move to a new Webhost. Most (if not all) of these issues stem from what I believe are permission based errors where images are included with smiles being the worst.

It appears as if the site believes there is a potential cross site scripting security vulnerability and errors out. Since I know absolutely bubkis about XSS it's in my best interests to rebuild.

Which leads us to this topic, over the next few months I'll be chipping away at a full forum re-build. In doing so I'll also address some other smaller yet important issues such as fluid scaling for up to 4K support, better mobile support, improved top navigation and improved styling.

The best place to start is a full upgrade which I'll be attempting soon.

All of this work will mean intermittent Site downtimes, abrupt styling changes and abrupt functionality changes.

During these early stages I'll require little feedback as all issues presented are ones I'm aware of.

Once styling work begins I'll add a Bug Tracker for you to report any issues you come across.

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support.



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The site will be down for about 30 - 60 minutes today (Monday Oct 8, 2018) while I duplicate the database and perform and test upgrade on it.

I'm taking this slightly longer window in time as I've never upgraded Xen before so this could either be an immediate success or a complete trainwreck.


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And it seems to be working, so that's good, right? :D
I only mirrored the site and database, nothing has been done to this site.

At this time only the mirror is being worked on.

These are the steps to full migration:
  1. Mirror the forum
  2. Upgrade the mirror
  3. Test the upgraded mirror
  4. If successful, fresh re-install of XenForo (no upgrade)
  5. Point fresh install to newly updated Xen db
Like in anything, the best way to alleviate errors is to completely delete anything current that may be responsible for them and start fresh.

The test site is running on another url which I'll share shortly after the upgrade process is complete.

...likely sometime later today.


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Test Forum is up and can be found here:


Current Login credentials carried over (no need to Re-register or set a new Password)


If the Test Site has the same theme as this site then please do the following:
  1. Mouse over your Username (next to "Inbox")
  2. When the Dropdown Menu appears select "Preferences"
  3. Ensure the Style listed at the top is "Default Style"
  4. If "Default Style" is not selected, please select it and Save Changes.
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