Updated A-4E-C v 1.3

Hey Pilots!
The free A-4E-C has had an update which you can get here.

Please make sure you replace the old one as from this afternoon 11th March 2019 the current server missions will have this version which as far as I know forces you to have the current version to connect!

Please make sure you install it in the correct place which is C:\Users\your_computer_name\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta . the zip files contains its own mod folder so the entire structure should read C:\Users\Nejtun\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Mods\aircraft\A-4E-C when you are done.

here are a list of updates which makes this a much more usable jet and a great starting aircraft compared even to the SU25-T (which can do any role but doesn't have a clicky cockpit) :

v1.3 Changelog:
- New carrier catapult mechanic
- New RWR System, complete with originally produced sounds
- Aircraft chocks now available, allowing carrier cold starts
- Enhanced Shrike Usage, with originally produced sounds
- Reworked Internal Lighting
- New Menu Music by Eric Haugen (Thanks!)
- New collision Mesh (Hitbox), aircraft no longer invincible
- Huffer now works on carriers
- Fixed TrackIR issues
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@ElektroVodka Hold on this for a moment, this module seems a bit buggy on the analogue controls and at the moment is disabling changing anything else! , I will keep an eye out for updates and revert to v1.02 , just to make sure it isn't something else causing the issue.
First thing i noticed is that they improved the sound.

I can confirm that with radar altimeter on, it is not impossible to hit a SAM launcher with MK-82 bombs. :)
at level flight 400 knots, 500 feet, with reticle down on 141.
for MK-82 SE: its at 400 feet, with reticle down on 166.

And skin is more or less done.
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