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Hi, as quite a few of us here have recently got on the VR train I thought we could have a central area (In time Duke will create a VR sub forum but this will do for now) to discuss our experiences, what we think of it so far, and share information re: software and hardware as there is a lot to figure out when you first get into it. It can seem daunting at first but with a helping hand that initial period where you have got this shiny box arrive and then the inevitable wtf is going on stage can be a lot less intimidating as I hope Davey and Netjun can confirm after the last few days :)

Anyone else who has recently got into VR feel free to post up your thoughts and feelings about what I consider to be the biggest revolution to hit our hobby since, well, it began...
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This is a pretty damn good piece of hardware, doubt it is much different between the Vive and Rift, Just some different titles available for each but a few titles have started as exclusives and then gotten support for the other HMD.

For anybody using this for iracing , you do need to mess with your graphics a bit so you can maintain the magical stutter free 89 FPS, if your hardware is struggling then there is a setting to make stuff run at 45 FPS ( this sounds low but it is still super smooth ) , you do not want your FPS going up and down as you will most likely throw up then and there lol.

below is my graphic settings page for iracing which after a couple of days testing seems to be keeping the game smooth while still having it look as good as possible . looks like i have turned everything down but this is not so. i just turned off shit that you will not see unless watching a replay ( apart from the crowd , but fuck the crowd!)
also posting my ini file for vive although i am not sure if it is system specific so your mileage may vary.
FWIW , I am running this with an i7 6700k 16 gig of DDR4 2600 mhz ram and a 980Ti (nothing overclocked) . the HMD seems to be quite greedy on ram so 32 gig would probably serve better.
First pic shows GFX settings in iRacing
Second shows the ini settings, the highlighted part can be changed ( minimum zero max around 2.5 ) depending on your hardware to get the sharpest picture , it is basically supersampling as far as I know
3rd pic is what happens to your fps when you turn shit down in iracing on a normal screen :D



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