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The VTC site released an update for Logit, apparently the previous version didn't auto update.
You need it to be able to display results again for the new site.
This should be a one time install and then it just auto checks for updates. Link is in post #13 in this thread.
How is it that fuelling during a job is costing the VTC? When I look at the finance tab of a job it always shows expenses for fuel, even though I don't fuel during jobs. It seems like it just converts the fuel used to an amount deducted? Not sure if it's new, but there is also an "expand" symbol next to the fuel info in the finance tab. It doesn't do anything yet, so I'm not sure what it's for.

Also, did you know you can customize the trailer layout when you pick up a freight market job (cog in the icon of the trailer when you are at the respective company)? It can make the load bigger / change the trailer to double, which means it can carry more tons, which means you get paid more. You can also change the axle setup which doesn't always change the capacity of the trailer, so I'm not sure what that does.


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I have no idea how fuel works?

Driving out of my way to get gas prior to picking up a load feels like a waste of time so I don't do it and hide the fact from @Nejtun so he won't yell at me.

Why is it that there are no Gas Stations within city limits in 99.99558897779898855777% in ETS2? I pass 10 gas stations irl on the way to work daily and that's a 15 minute drive.

Last night I took a 2,000 km job and gained 6106 credit profit (my personal best) even fueling from nearly empty early in the haul. If it makes a difference it isn't as drastic as the speeding tickets I accrue.

Oh and I used the voice navigation chick last night and she sucks ASS! The comely young English voice said, "pleeyse mynd yo'r speed" just after the cop lights began flashing in the rear view.

She was mostly silent in Turkey which is understandable as I have no idea how people navigate around there, spaghetti roadways?

Highlight of the drive, a stop sign half way through a roundabout that was somehow merged with part of another roundabout. The only thing worse was the 10 mile stretch of vehicle inspection stations every 100 ft.

My next haul is out of Turkey and I'm never coming back.

If ETS2 is a snapshot of European roadways I feel deeply sorry for people who live in Italy (tolls), France (tolls on top of tolls) and Turkey (a country size homage to the Nordschleife).
I have the feeling that fuel usage/punishment has been updated as the VTC that were at the top and hammering that rule down their members throats are now in tenth or so?
If it is the case that you two have been able to fuel up mid job now with no penalty (it was very obvious previously between fueling or not on the profit at the end) then that is awesome.
NICE! 23rd is pretty good as we got going in May, now that we have a good sized fleet I think we can aim for the top 10 for June?

Some of the bigger VTCs have 70+ members though so we have our work cut out for us!
Thanks to everyone for getting this underway (especially as I have no idea what I am doing lol) Keep up the good work! :D
If ETS2 is a snapshot of European roadways I feel deeply sorry for people who live in Italy (tolls), France (tolls on top of tolls) and Turkey (a country size homage to the Nordschleife).
I haven't been to Turkey, but the tolls in Italy and France are definitely annoying. The fun parts are where you need to use a total of about 3 cm of toll road, yet you still have to go through 2 toll stations for it. I guess it generates more money than using road tax due to a high amount of international traffic or something?

And what you don't see in ETS2, in for example parts of Italy, is that when you leave the toll road the road surface degrades to what feels like cobblestones laid in the 17th century.
Does anyone know why they keep resetting the stats?

I get they want to monitor this by month but are they retaining a historical count somewhere?
The stats as you mentioned are month by month, which would make sense as any new companies wouldn't havea hope in hell of climbing the charts if it was a constant rolling tally.
I too hope they have an" Overall " count in mind somewhere though.
Wonder if the logger is broken again? Just did two jobs and neither seems to have been logged?

*Edit* - Sure enough, updated the logger and ran another job and this time it counted it. Man, that's annoying. Wonder if we have to do that every month?
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Sorry you had wasted Jobs, I had the same thing yesterday Mike, my first 3 jobs we not counted which is quite annoying! I re downloaded the LOGIT CLIENT and the jobs started registering again.
The logger is meant to update automatically but I would suggest that anyone doing a job for the first time this month either download it again to be on the safe side or do a Job that is only a couple of kilometres and check right away if it gets counted.
I know this is very frustrating, but luckily we have noticed right away, just tagging everyone currently in the VTC for attention to make sure your client is updated.
@Kenadian @ElektroVodka @Noodleguitar @Ogami Itto @Brainling @TokyoGwB @Big_J_29 @Shilka @Kinger

Once again, apologies to anyone that had a wasted/unlogged job yesterday, I think EV knows the right buttons to push in the VTlog Discord to get our jobs recovered and I am sure he is on the case.

I don't want to make excuses for any errors that the VTlog team are not on top of but please bear with things for the moment while they try to fix things!

Also, and most importantly, please continue to enjoy ETS2 as it is really nice that so many of us are playing this title at the same time!

Thanks all for your continued participation with this little experiment, it is very much appreciated!

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