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There is a new World of Trucks event!

It is called operation Genoa Bridge and all the details of it can be found HERE.

The short version is that last year (I Think) the Bridge in Genoa Italy collapsed and it was all hands on deck to get this thing rebuilt! (it was on the news so you may or may not have seen it)

So World of truck have an Ingame event to match up with the real life rebuilding which is as usual 12 deliveries using external jobs on the job chooser.
You need to:

  1. Have a world of trucks account which you can get HERE
  2. Have your own truck
  3. do 12 deliveries to or from the bridge site (6 to or from each side of the bridge) before teh end date of the event.
You get a nice new paint jobb for completing the event.

PLEASE NOTE!!! using pro mods for this will most likely fail as the pick up and drop off points for many locations are different than vanilla ETS2!
In order to make sure this works properly it is best to make a new profile that you just use for world of trucks jobs, no mods, and keep this aside for any future WOT events.
Oops! Maybe one mod, and that is the profile booster which gives you 1 million xp and 1 million currency per job so you can get going without fuss. Switch the mod on do one quick job then switch it off, boom you are rich and have a profile that is good to go for any future WOT jobs.

This profile booster basically takes away any challenge in the game so playing on the profile other than doing these events is a bit of a waste of time in my opinion but some people like it \_(ツ)_/¯ it does however mean you can do world of truck jobs without having to level up first.

Most WOT jobs can also be done in ATS but this one is pretty specific to Italy so dunno if this one would be covered.

These jobs still count towards the VTC so knock yourselves out!!
Please note, the Jobs from CDE(SRL) with no suffix count for shit, easy mistake to make! They must be coming from or going to CDE(SRL)est <<-- (east) or CDE(SRL)ovest <--(west) for them to count for the WOT achievement.
Just a tip ,if you didn't know, choose the jobs that have the most things to have as prerequisites, like Fragile, Urgent, Dangerous Goods, High Value and distance is also a factor. For me I am getting an extra € 467 per..

Distance 814 KM € 2335
Weight 15 048 KG € 351
ADR1 Class 0 € 0
ADR2 Class 0 € 0
High Value True € 467
Fragile True € 467
Overweight False € 0
Parking Bonus True € 93
Loading Bonus False € 0
Travel Compensation 2 € 57
Fines Enabled True € 500
Total Income € 4270

Just an example from my last job, hope this helps you make more Money.
Well done for the effort from everyone so far this month! We are halfway through June and remain in the top 10!
For a little extra income you can use your own trailer (flatbed with container pins gives you the best load options I think)

ADR above rank 6 gives huge gains (you can hover the little ADR symbol on the job to see the rank)
Other wise Trains give a bunch of extra income too! (thanks Mike and George for trawling through our competitors stats to see what pays out ;) )
Thanks also to Javaman for producing the list above, if anyone can get all those boxes checked then the job really gives a boost to the profits!
I am still not sure what the ADR2 box is for though as even with class 8 on there I have never seen a value in here?

Keep it up Truckers! :D
Just completed a little job, decent pay too.
Our VTC is only 100K euros from being in 10th spot, atm we are in 31st with 55K euros, we are so close :p
and first is 374K euros madness to be that far ahead in just 4 played days.

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