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For the Band of Others' Warframe Clan Dojo, one of the things that we can research is Dojo Colors. In order to research a color, a base number of Pigment must be collected. Unlike other research in the Dojo, only one color can be researched at a time, and, I believe, a Clan member can only pick up Pigment if their clan is currently researching the color. Therefore, to make it easier, I thought that I'd keep an updated post on which Pigment we are currently working on.

Current Pigment:
ANTI VIOLET (Status: Awaiting Funds)

Drops From:
Zanuka Hunter Harvester

Found on:
Corpus Missions - It Finds You

Good f****** luck...

If you have any suggestions/preference for which color to do next, feel free to post here. There are 25 total colors, and each color is worth 1000 Clan Affinity and it takes 36 hours to Research AFTER all of the pigment has been collected.

Colors We Have Already Researched:
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So I just figured I'd start working the list from top to bottom, since I'm not really sure there is any real interest in Dojo color anyways and; "1000 Clan Affinity is 1000 Clan Affinity!"

And... it turns out I'm an a-hole (shocker) because Anti Violet appears to be a b****.

First you have to do a number of Corpus Invasions:

  • The Zanuka Hunter has a 1.5% of spawning for marked players on Corpus missions within the first four minutes. Each additional marked player in the squad increases the chances by 0.5%. Upon spawning, one marked player will have their mark removed, much like the Grustrag Three. Running additional invasion missions for the Grineer is also a good way to find the Zanuka Hunter as the chance is doubled after getting the mail for that invasion.
  • To gain the mark, complete a set of invasion missions resulting in battle pay. You should get mail from Alad Vthanking you for volunteering for the Zanuka project. You may still have the mark even if you do not get the mail.
And then you're just basically waiting around for this thing to attack you, like we don't have enough things trying to kill us; Stalkers, Shadow Stalkers, Eximus Death Sqauds, etc..

I was thinking that I could just spam the Alad V Assasination mission on Jupiter, and I'm still going to try it, but that doesn't appear to be the case... Sorry.
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