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I know a few of you seem to enjoy the horror-type survival games... so this should be right up your alley. Never a fan of these kinds of games, but nonethless this looks incredibly cool and has some awesome features. Apparently it's already EA.

This is a short video of some of a sort of overview:

And here's some gameplay:

Reminds me a LOT of Bioshock Infinite, which was an absolutely brilliant game. Some major big points that are huge plusses for me:

  • Starting over from the beginning after dying
  • Procedurally generated levels / maps offers a lot of replayability, even after you die (no replay the same)
  • A unique drug system
  • Awesome universe and artistic style
  • Drugs
  • Unique characters that contrast sharply with most video game heroes / protagonists
  • Storyline, open world and other types of gameplays
  • Drugs
This is definitely going to be something I grab and review, and probably soon
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This game looks really interesting, but I feel like it is probably something I'd rather watch a lets play on than play myself. I just don't think I'd get very far or ever finish the game myself.
This game looks really really....trippy lol. I feel like just to play it i should buy some shrooms and hope i don't have a bad trip hahaha. nice find tho
So far I've not played enough to fully review it unfortunately, but I've found it to be pretty interesting. I've played four different games each with permadeath. I don't get very far (not that there is very far to get) but I seem to be stumbling on finding certain quest items or whatever.

Initial Good Takeaways: Open world is random and varied... still needs obvious work but I love the concept, and a new city each time you play is awesome.

Main character seems very interesting and you can't wait to know more about the story-side of things. The setting itself is really awesome and you get great snippets here and there.

Crafting is cool and can't wait to see where they go with it.

Initial worries: Combat is very boring and uninteresting as of yet. Not factoring in the lack of weapons (I assume there will be more), but it's little more than button mashing at this point to stab or punch or hit.

Inventory system is a bit annoying, though I like the overall concept and the fact that it's there.

Full preview blog to come soon.
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