What is the first video game you ever played?


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This may be a tall ask for those who've been gaming for many years but what is the first video game you ever played?

What is it that drew you to that particular game?
Pong. My dad bought the atari console that had the game 41 years ago, so I had little choice in the matter, as I was only 6. Yes, that was in 1975...
Must have been Space Invaders on an Atari of a friend. But i remember the Amiga games the best. Got that after the Commodore 64 and it was EPIC !
Stunt car racer, Geoff grammonds Grand Prix, north vs south, turrican, shadow of the beast, Wings, F18 Interceptor, Gunship 2000 .... the list goes on and on.
Now i get to think of it , i spent my entire life playing videogames, its kinda ridiculous actually. From when i was 6 years old and it never stopped.


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That's a real good question to be honest.

I can't remember the game itself but it was on tape.
Took ages to get the game started i know that much lol.
Knowing my gramps he still has it laying around somewhere.


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I'm with you Quick, it was so long ago it's really hard to remember what the first game I ever played was. I know that I played Tank Pong, Space Invaders, Missile Command, and similar games on both the TRS-80 and Atari Console (2600?).

They were all fun but nothing peaked my interest that much until I got to play Zaxxon on the Colecovision.
Yay! +1! Have you seen an Alsatian around here by any chance? That good little doggy was carrying my large hadron collider for me.

Do I get +2? :p

I actually can't be sure what my first game was. I have a really hard time recalling anything much from my childhood. I think it was something like Dizzy Egg on a friends system of some description although I don't remember what it was. From there it was my cousins' ZX spectrum I believe and Dan Dare. My first gaming system of my own was an Atari 800XL I remember that though.
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Atari Stunt Cycle...the console version for your TV...I think it was Atari's 2nd console game after Pong. First coin-op was probably "Frogs". Hard to remember to be honest...I was pretty young and those machines were starting to pop up everywhere.
Mine was a machine that plugged into the TV ( well my dad's :p ) which had various version of Pong on it, Kept me out of trouble as I wasn't allowed to have a go if I misbehaved :D, then 1980 rolled around and we got an atari 2600 ! ( the wooden one ) and it was in colour! good times.
Technically it was a game my dad created; pretty cool actually. Otherwise it was Sonic/ Alex Kid on the Master System. My sister used to turn the controller thinking that would make her toon change direction. Pretty sure she never caught on. Good times!
I remember playing various arcade games growing up, favorites included Bagman, Elevator Action, 1942 (yes, you remember it), Dig Dug and a few others. Then in about 1983 my folks got the Atari and it came with some shitty game and they bought Tennis which was a glorified version of Pong. We got Pitfall which I fucking loved, Raiders of the Lost Ark that frustrated my 10 year old brain to no end, Cosmic Ark that was an adrenaline rush and Keystone Cops that I thought would be sooo awesome but was rather lame.

My first love though was Tombraider II in 97 and BF42 in 2002. There was a lot of years in my teens & early 20s where I didn't even own a console. Too busy chasing pussy I guess.
Wow, that is a tall ask.
Most probably a version of pong, and then Space Invaders, the one you sit at they had in the pubs years ago.
There were no video games when I was a kid :(

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