Hey Gang, going to get a little project going for a play through of XCOM 2 including the "War of the chosen" DLC.

For any of you that don't know the XCOM series Little P did a good summary of it a couple of years ago , there have been a lot of improvements (IMO) and upgrades and DLC since release which is why I decided to re-visit this title.

Now to start off with I don't think this game streams very well as some of the mission can go on forever while you decide your next move, while this is great for the player it is perhaps not so much fun for the viewer.

So, with this playthrough I will attempt the following:

  • Wriiten reports on each mission with screenshot and accompanying video clips/highlights.
  • Updates on in game research (there is a lot of this and it determines how each bit of game-play will progress
  • Updates on campaign progress
The screenshots are generated in game as posters and leaflets appropriate to the mission like so

I will put the video highlights up on my YouTube channel in the shape of mission highlights (which I am going to work out how to edit somehow!)

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Most importantly are the soldiers used for each of the missions. The soldiers in XCOM2 are completely customisable so my plan is to use our friends in the community here as the players so it actually gives you someone to root for!


These guys can get promoted and level up but they can also get injured and die!
I have tagged everyone below that I could think of (if you aren't included in this and would like to be please let me know)
If you would rather not be included in this and have been tagged already then also let me know and I shall remove you from the line up!

@Kenadian @Deb

@Noodleguitar Noel @incndry @TokyoGwB


@Fromthenavy @little P
little P.jpg

@ElektroVodka EV pic @Brainling @Big_J_29 Big J pic

@Anson Bennette

If you have any preferences for colours or armour, then please also say so i can change this before i get going!
there are 2 colours for armour (primary and secondary) and one colour choice for weapon.
For the most part if I know what you look like I have tried to make the soldiers look kinda like you, if I have no idea what you look like then I just made it up.

This is going to be an experimental way of delivering content for me so please bear with me while I work the kinks out.
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Nice idea dude! Looking forward to it, I never got war of the chosen after completing the game (I have no recollection of writing a summary either lol damn you Jack Daniels) so will be interesting to watch/read/follow your foray into it. Good luck! Oh and great idea making your squad out of us all, will be fun to see what you come up with :eek:

EDIT: Please don't let me die I have so much to live for. McDonalds are bringing a new burger out next week and I don't want to miss it
Not multiplayer for these purposes , I am just going to do a play through but using all our B2O friends as the characters!! this can be played co-op or pvp but it isn't the same as you are used to.
Primary black , secondary red. Glasses are good. My hair is dark blonde and way shorter. I like the retro xcom haircut. Also no moustache or beard but little rough maybe. My weapon (shotgun) also red with cool looking alien pattern or so.
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I will adjust your character Jef ;) anyone else need adjustments please just let me know , can do it anytime even after i start, I will fix your Bio EV ;) some of them had to be edited when i changed the gender and a few things slipped by me ;)
X-Com is amazing. One of my favorite game series. Probably not shocking since I'm a Warhammer 40K player and X-Com basically mirrors the kind of positional play with random elements that a table top game does.

As much as it's blasphemy, one of my favorite parts about the "new" X-Coms is that they have controller support. I love sitting on my couch playing it on my 4K TV. Very relaxing in a strange way, given how frustrating X-Com can be at times.
Today we kicked off with the first round of Xcom2: War of the Chosen!

The first installment of this alien invasion can be seen here

and below is a brief summary of the goings on!

Playing on veteran level with "IRONMAN" enabled which means dead is dead and there is no going back if things go all to shit..... not to mention some surprise tactics from the AI (they cheat)

Opening for the B2O team were
@Jes_971 @Skid_Marc_ @Nejtun and @little P
Nice easy task of blowing up an alien monument and getting the hell out!

Little P and Jes went steaming in right off the bat, Marc made his way onto the roof to provide covering fire and I brought up the rear to absorb any stragglers. The bomb was planted without issue and some long distance cover was provided from the rooftop by Marc which saved the pair of crazy guys who thought using a lampost as cover was a good idea!
EZPZ (kinda)
Despite myself and little P suffering some severe injuries we managed to snag a couple of pieces of alien loot from the battlefield and escape with the entire team.
That is where our luck ran out....
Our next task was to enter the sewers and recover some data.

Stepping up to replace Little P and myself on the team were @Deb and @Noodleguitar.
Unfortunately, there were a couple of more resilient aliens with psyonic abilities wandering around the sewer system which caught Jes off-guard with a nasty mind control who then proceeded to wipe out the entire team with the help of a couple of high ranking aliens.
Every member returned from that little trip albeit in body bags and that was pretty much game over.
Aliens -1 B2O - 0


Round 2 then ! this time without the IRONMAN mode!
Opening this time were @Jeeve79 @Anson Bennette @ElektroVodka and Lanac. Once again a fairly easy task of blowing the monument up with only Jef requiring a visit to the medical centre to rest for a couple of weeks after taking a few magnetic rounds to the chest!
Promotions all round from rookie status and with different members of the team finding their feet with new weapon and specialisation loadouts!

Anson became a technician with drone support, Jef took the role of Sniper despite his horrific chest wound, Lanac preferred Ranger weilding a shotgun and blade with E.V grabbing the big guns, carrying both a grenade launcher and minigun to snag the Grenadier role.

With some weapon research underway back at base and some alien autopsies queued up in the lab the team trekked out once again with data recovery in mind. This time the location was an abandoned subway station with many hidden tunnels and ambush locations as well as being against the clock before the data was destroyed!
With Jef fighting for life in the medical centre, a 4th was needed to fill the gap in manpower. Marc stepped up to make sure the team was not outnumbered.

With a little strategic positioning the data was easily secured by Anson and his remote drone, Marc suffered an injury that would put him out of action for 10 days but made sure he took a couple of the alien scum with him which earned him a promotion to Grenadier! More grenade launcher and minigun action ready as soon as he recovers.
After fighting together for a couple of missions E.V and Anson have formed a bond which allows them to get some extra perks when out in the field.
Our R and D team were busy while the team were out, research was well underway for a guerilla tactics training facility which should bolster the abilities of all the soldiers we recruit, alongside some experimental weapons for use in the future.
to be continued...
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With the team members getting trained up and armed up it was time to bring in the help of some more allies.
A small force went out to try to bring two rival factions together to help us with our cause.

The Reapers: a bunch of stealthy mercenaries who prefer to kill things from the shadows and from afar.
The Skirmishers: A group of alien/human hybrids that seem to have gone rogue against their former masters, whose preferred fighting style seems to be up close and personal and LOUD!

Splitting into two teams our task was to bring back one of each of these new factions back to the base alive AND have them not kill each other in the process!

E.V and Lanac were tasked with meeting the Reaper representative, while Jef and Joe where to pick up the Skirmisher leader then meet with the first team and get everyone back to base safely!

This task went fairly smoothly until both teams met a group called "The Lost", these are a bunch of hybrids that were left in ruined areas of the city and exposed to some weird radiation which left them as some kind of weird alien zombie creature, their numbers were many!

The fighting was fierce but everyone made it through to the meeting point, Just as we thought we were home and free a new enemy jumped into the mix:
The Chosen!!! We don't know much about these special aliens yet, but they are for sure tough as shit and quite capable of wiping out an entire group.
With the Lost and the Chosen running around we barely made it to the evac point leaving a trail of zombie/alien bodies in our wake.
Unfortunately, the Skirmisher leader "Pratal Mox" was kidnapped right at the evac point by the sneaky chosen, we shall have to rescue him later!

Jef and Lanac bonded on this mission, giving us another pairing with special abilities when they work together.

Joe was the only rookie on this squad but racked up a HUGE amount of kills which earned him a promotion to the Ranger class by the time the mission was over, he did stand a little too close to an explosion and then stood around in some burning wreckage after that which earned him a week of rest in the medical centre!
Our guerilla training facility is now finished so it is less likely that we have to send fresh rookies out.
First to jump into training was new recruit @Deb ! We can also now run a 5 man team on missions which hopefully will swing the fight more in our favour!

Our final mission of this session saw us going out to rescue a group of resistance members who had been attacked by surprise off the coast of Africa.

We took advantage of having a Reaper in the party and also dragged the last untrained rookie with us (me!)

The fighting went very smoothly with just some minor injuries, we rescued the majority of the resistance members with a fair amount of ease while also meeting a new terrifying shape shifting alien giant that could disguise itself as a human! This will cause us some issues further down the road no doubt!

I was promoted to Specialist with a drone while also bonding with our resident Reaper.

Everybody came away from that battle without a scratch! Things are looking up for our Xcom squad!

The entire episode can be seen here!
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WOW!!!!! What a saga, I love out of body experiences, I just wish I could remember being there ;) Must be some sort of brain washing technique :)
Lets get underway with the next round of fighting and scavenging with the B2O and Friends Xcom2 team! Our brave soldiers are getting to know each other a little better and honing their skills both on out mobile base, the "Avenger" and out in the field.

As we build more facilities on the Avenger our need for resources and more 'on ship' staff grows which means our teams have got their work cut out for them. This, however is taking its toll on our soldiers as we start this day with many of them too tired to go out again but luckily only a few injuries sidelining some of the more active crew.

Our allies, the Reapers, are able to give us some additional bonuses that passively help us on our missions as well as helping us gather resources in the background with the help of one or two of our soldiers while we actively handle the heavier lifting.
allied missions.jpg

If all of that was not enough to be getting on with, Intelligence has discovered project "Avatar" that the aliens are trying start.
project avatar.jpg

Now apparently this is a big deal and we are against the clock! there are various 'on mission' activities we can do to slow this process down but we cannot stop it. Our best course of action here is to make sure we are prepared for what ever project Avatar throws at us.

Our background mission with the Reapers saw two promotions for the soldiers that volunteered.
Davey ranked up to Sniper.
Tina " the Bucher" Abina ranked up to Specialist.
they brought back valuable intel on our kidnapped ally from the Skirmishers, Pratal Mox!

Mox Rescue.jpg
Welcome back! the entire days missions as a full video can be seen here

Our first mission of the day: operation "Steely Stranger"(mission video) is a rescue attempt on Pratal Mox, he must be retrieved, no matter the cost......
We need to do this as quietly as possible as we are busting Mox out of a secure alien facility,
A team of 3 are going in our 2 fiercest Rangers, @JMart and Lanac and our most experienced Specialist, @Anson Bennette

This mission, was rough, although we managed to sneak in to the point of the prison cell that Mox was being held in we were discovered once the door was breached!
Joe grabbed our 'prize' but this left him unarmed for the run back to the evacpoint!

Lanac was the firrst to break cover and put himself in the line of fire so the other two could get out, Luckily he has a lot of hitpoints and can take a few shots!

At this point Anson could have made a run for the Evac site but chose to hang back and use his drone to cover Joe's escape as he had the VIP on his back.
Joe was forced to bug out with the VIP as soon as he got to the EVAC site, so far so good!

More alien reinforcements were arriving by the second but Anson and Lanac had the Evac zone just in sight! A new type of alien, the 'Holy Warrior' now made an appearance. With some new Psi Tech, he disabled Lanac and stunned Anson. Those two are tough however and broke free of their control.

Both made a run for it, Lanac snuck into the Evac zone and waited for Anson to catch up,
Anson made a break for the Evac zone under heavy fire but carrying all that heavy drone control equipment cost him dearly, he could not dodge every bullet and was downed and bleeding out badly.

Despite his best attempts at a last minute rescue with a well placed grenade Lanac was unable to save Anson and had to Evac before the drop ship was taken out.

Mission complete, We rescued the VIP but at a heavy heavy cost. our first loss of a fine soldier.
RIP Anson, you will be missed

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