Our next mission, operation "Purple Dirge"(full mission video) required us to recover some more valuable data before the aliens destroyed it! This time we went in heavy, Pratal Mox joined the 5 man squad along with Tina, @JMart , @ElektroVodka and @Jeeve79

A fairly simple mission with lots of destruction to the local town, but we recovered our data with very few injuries apart from one.

Due to a lot of mind control attempts. EV seems to have suffered some long term psychological damage and is now a bit fearful of the Chosen, we shall have to be careful to avoid putting him in situations where the Chosen are likely to turn up as a panicking soldier is not going to help us!
Mike Panic.jpg
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More intel has opened up operation "Dark Moon"Full Mission Video: go in grab the alien artifacts and get out.
This equipment is being kept aboard an armoured train which is pretty badly guarded but we still need to be careful!

A new type of alien has arrived! now that this whole situation seems to be turning into all out war, the aliens are feeling less and less need to hide their true appearances to blend in. This "snake man" is still unknown to us so it is essential that we recover a corpse for autopsy.

These missions are taking their toll on Joe and he managed to get himself mind controlled!

Joe Mind controlled.jpg

He is going to have to sit out a couple of missions before his brain gets scrambled, a major blow for the team as our rangers are the backbone of our attack force!
As if this mission didn't have enough of its own dangers a Chosen decided to come and screw up our attempts to recover our alien artifacts.

Jef to the rescue, saving both the Rangers with his trusty pistol!

Jef Saves the ranger.jpg

The chosen was Defeated but not killed and we recovered a few extra pieces of tech for our troubles, lots of injuries on this mission though so the medical centre is going to have its work cut out getting the guys and girls back into fighting shape!
Mission Success!
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Operation "Tomb Hammer"Full mission video is our last objective of the day, A VIP requires rescue with an optional rescue of an unconscious Soldier how was trying to protect her.
Joe seemed eager to push himself still further for this mission but he has been benched for his own safety.
@Skid_Marc_ stepped up to fill the slot with some serious fire power.

Joining him are @Fromthenavy as Sniper, Lanac the Ranger, @Jes_971 the Specialist and we are also joined by our Reaper ally!
We have enough resources to make a new melee Ranger weapon so our damage output is going up!
With this team, getting enough cover for the VIP will be a breeze!
Bringing a Grenadier was a superb advantage as the density of the lost was almost overwhelming!

Getting the VIP our with this much cover was a piece of cake! Then out of nowhere Jes went running in to rescue the downed soldier with no regard for his own life!

the entire team made it back with no casualties! well done all !!

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