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Hello all,

As some of you may recall, prior to the addition of a Webcam to Band of Others Twitch Channel I'd posted the need for volunteers to give feedback before my decision to go public.

This small group of people were in Teamspeak and recorded live during the limited unveil which were mixed together (poorly) in the Official Launch as seen here:

I've a similar requirement this time around on a new project I'm working on.

The difference this time around is that secrecy is not as important as it was previously so I can share some details to aid you should you be considering:
  • This project is unrelated to Band of Others and will be handled primarily offsite.
  • You must be willing to Register at another Web Forum specifically
  • You like to watch and discuss movies past, present and future.
  • As before you'll be required to be in Teamspeak and will have your reactions recorded.
  • Total expected runtime (maximum) ~ 60 minutes.
  • Projected format will be based off a popular opinion Poll based on your feedback.

Just a little background on Movie-Talk. Movie-Talk is 1 of 3 Web Communities I own and Operate the other 2 being and of course, Band of Others. In my attempt to bolster the Band of Others Community I've had to sacrifice both Movie-Talk and Lifesupporters both of which have experienced massive declines in activity as a result

Lifesupporters does not relate to anything Band of Others however there is very clear overlap between Gaming and Movies so I believe they can compliment each other. According to Google Analytics it's a near 50/50 split of upstream traffic coming from Gaming or Movie related Web Searches.

This project aims at bolstering exceptionally high levels of Movie topic interactivity in a live format supported by Movie-Talk Community as both pre and post discussion.

The goal of this project is to determine feasibility.

As before please respond here if interested and I'll add you to the group.

Registration closed Feb 15, 2018

Thank you for your consideration.




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There were a few people asking about this in TS last night so here is a bump to make it current.

Time is running out though as we're aiming to have the advanced screening within the next week or two.
Come on ladies and gentleman , the last reveal was an hour of fun and a break from the things we normally do :D. We had an excellent laugh on TS and it helped Ken make the transition to webcam!
Grab your popcorn and lets have another random hour of fun :D


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Alright awesome, great to have you both on board!

I should have some info available in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks again.

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