Fragtard Multiplayer Gaming Community and Forum is a new, multiplayer gaming community built by mature gamers who’ve played online for 10+ years. We’ve faced many of the challenges ingame that you’ve faced (and probably some you haven’t) from hacking to spawn camping to being kicked or banned from a server for no good reason whatsoever.

Our goal is to offer a vibrant gaming community and forum for anyone looking for an online home to discuss their favorite games and gaming platforms.

As you can see, the site itself is quite new and still very much in the Construction Phase of development. Our Community Forum is setup and waiting to hear from people just like you what it is you want to cover in your multiplayer gaming community.

Although Fragtard is new, it is not by any means to be considered a “fly by night” Multiplayer Gaming Community. We are owned and operated by, a site which has been online for over 7.5 years now and will continue¬†indefinitely.

Please take a moment to peruse our Multiplayer Gaming Community and either Register (always free) or Send Feedback as to your thoughts.

…either way we look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to Multiplayer Gaming Community and Forum.


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