The Callisto Protocol – PC Performance Fix

Like many of my fellow PC brethren, I’ve been plagued with frequent and sometimes, prolonged frame stuttering when trying to play the Callisto Protocol.

Running the ingame benchmark provides little insight how to correct issues. You can configure the benchmark to run smoothly but it’s mostly meaningless when actually playing the game.

In my case all stuttering is repeatable in the exact same sequences.

To be fair I’m not running the latest and greatest beast gaming PC but an i9 9900K and RTX-2080 should be able to handle most games on medium to high settings.

So, I decided to open up Task Manager and monitor the Performance Tab, this is what I found:

Ethernet usage seemed really high considering I’ve no plans to stream the Callisto Protocol until next weekend.

…for the record I have 800 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up.

So, for giggles i unplugged my router (it’s right beside me) and the game ran butter smooth.

TO BE FAIR, I’ve only re-run this test on the opening sequences all the way to the Prison. I’ve run this test multiple times and it appears, right now anyways, that my stuttering issues are resolved.

Hopefully it works for you!

2 thoughts on “The Callisto Protocol – PC Performance Fix”

  1. If you re-run the same area of the game of course there will be no shader compilation stutters, because the shader would already be compiled.

    1. If that were the case then I’d not experience the stutters at all a second time through.

      Prior to posting this I’d tried re-running this sequence online several times experiencing the exact same stutters in the opening sequence attached in town, flipping the lighter behind my back, the corridor to Cargo Hold when pipe burst, glass breaking, etc.

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