Practice Pals

iRacing is one of the most intense online racing simulations on the market today. The racing is often close, competitive and exceptionally exciting.

Not only is the racing intense, but iRacing does everything in their power to educate you on the finer points of race-craft. Partnered with big names such as the Skip Barber Driving School, Nascar and Team Mazda, iRacing offers much more depth than any racing simulator before it.

iRacing offers their members a fully comprehensive driving school teaching the finer points of “race-craft”. This series of videos is compulsory for anyone interested in understanding the basics rather than just simply trying to go faster.

I’ve learned more about race-craft in this series of iRacing videos than I have in all other racing games, videos and televised events combined. More importantly, I’ve learned I literally knew nothing about the art of race-craft.

In my case it opened the doors to a whole new world I’d previously been blind to.

Having said that there is one area where iRacing falls woefully short and that is how to put it all together. This can only be done on the racetrack and unfortunately many don’t put in the effort necessary to improve.

…and it can take a lot of effort indeed depending on your experience, skill set and overall attitude.

This is where Practice Pals steps in.

Practice Pals for iRacing is a comprehensive, socially structured racing experience within the typical Hosted and/or Public Practice Session. It is designed to give each driver relevant experience within these sessions to better ready for race.

Within the Practice Pals environment, you are continually tested to the limits of your ability and it’s so fun you don’t even realize it’s happening.

There are many benefits to the Practice Pals system such as:

  • learning to drive cleanly in traffic
  • finding alternative race lines
  • improved situational awareness
  • invaluable insight from your fellow driver
  • insight into how to gain time
  • setup help
  • lighthearted fun and camaraderie at the heart of the experience

…all the above happening real-time through voice comms via Teamspeak 3.

Even with all the benefits listed above the most valuable in my opinion are the social component and nurturing nature of Practice Pals.

With each and every lap you turn in this program you become a more competent racer and you’re usually not even aware of it.

Program outline and basic rule-set can be found in our Practice Pals Guidelines.

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