Practice Pals for iRacing

iRacing is without a doubt one of the most intense online racing simulations on the market today. The racing is often close, competitive and exceptionally exciting.

In iRacing your license level is nearly always on the line. If you wish to progress through the license classes the only way is to run clean competitively among other drivers.

It’s inevitable many laps require turning in Practice Sessions prior to running anything official such as Qualify Sessions, Time Trials or Races.

For this reason iRacing boasts a plethora of Practice Sessions for each series none of which count against your license level. This is where most run worry free laps trying to find both speed and stability within their line.

Some are successful and navigate cleanly come race time but these are the precious few.

Others sign up for Races and are quite literally a menace to the poor souls unfortunate enough to grid around them. They may have turned hundreds of well-intentioned practice laps on their preferred racing line not realizing it’s often completely useless in traffic.

Even though iRacing gives you all the tools to succeed the sheer amount information around you makes it difficult to know where to start.

This is where Practice Pals steps in.

Practice Pals for iRacing is a comprehensive, socially structured race experience held within a typical Public Practice Session. Practice Pals is setup to aid each driver realize their limits on track and in traffic.

Practice Pals helps you race cleaner in traffic by running next to drivers of all abilities and skill levels and improving through them.

With the help of Teamspeak you’re oftentimes having too much fun in comms to realize you’re actually improving.

You become more confident, competent and comfortable on track even with a grille, large in the virtual rearward mirror.

The value of this program cannot be overstated. It has helped drivers of all skill levels learn how to improve upon their current abilities and become smarter drivers.

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