MSI Tech. Support Sucks!

Dear MSI Tech. Support,

I’ve been a fan of your Twin Frozr Series of video cards since BFG got out of the GPU business and I found myself without a preferred vendor to rock my rig.

I did my homework and learned that for just a few dollars more, I can usually purchase a card that often-times runs higher than typical NVIDIA reference cards, sometimes by as much as 20% prior to overclocking.

So this Christmas, I decided to go big and slap $400 big ones down on your N570GTX Twin Frozr 3. The excitement I felt when carting this bad boy home took me back to childhood where Christmas morning and gift giving couldn’t come fast enough.


Needless to say, I had big expectations for this card especially since your N460GTX was so bl00dy awesome!!!

So I plug the card in, boot up and omg, lines across the screen; ominous indeed. I say ominous because this is exactly what my 8800GTS did before packing it in after years of loyal service.

Ok no problem I think, maybe I messed up in the connections somewhere?

I tear everything down and nope, I had it right the first time but since it’s apart I figure I may as well make sure all connections are just that extra bit shiny can clean.

Everything back in, lines still there; yikes!

Try to install boxed drivers, NVIDIA drivers (both WHQL and BETA) yet continue to experience numerous graphical issues. As a side note, at no time would PhysX ever install, this would always crash the installer and either loose connection with the monitor, lock up all together or BSOD.

OK no problem. I talk to a few of my close gaming buddies and they hint toward the card which is exactly what I didn’t want to hear as my least favourite letters in the alphabet are RMA.

…but I persevere and write a very long and involved e-mail to Tech. Support explaining everything; including the kitchen sink.

I have to say that the response time was decent as my ticket was replied to within 24 hours of submission but the answer I got was absolutely stupid. I say this because I’m not even sure the Tech. read what was written.

“make sure your computer is ready to handle this card”

I’m pretty sure I just finished saying I had an N460 in there and oh ya, I even mentioned that I picked up a 750 Watt SLI Certified PSU to power it.

…a part of me is still in shock as the 4 lines of response must have been copied and pasted by a bot or a really stupid human.

So basically here I sit with my N570GTX Box and it’s fancy lettering glimmering back up at me, wondering if I should switch to camp EVGA like a few of my gaming buddies suggest?

Yes I know it’s only one card and this sort of thing can happen but seriously, support matters to me and probably to your other Customers. The thing I find myself wondering is do your Customers matter to you?

What do you think MSI? Is maybe taking a few seconds to actually read a Tech. Support Query worth my $400 (close to $700 if you count my N460GTX new).

I can say that I’m going to the store tomorrow where I purchased my video card and if they don’t have a replacement for this exact card, I’m switching vendors as so many have before me.

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