1. Nejtun

    [Special Event] 2018 iRacing Sebring 12 Hour

    Preparation for the fourth event of the iRacing Special Events calendar is upon us! This is a team event. Two Drivers Minimum! Track: Sebring International Raceway Sebring, Florida, USA 3.7 Miles (5.955 km) - 17 Turns Date: 10-11 March 2018 Race Times: Saturday 13:00 GMT / 08:00 EST Sunday...
  2. ElektroVodka

    B2O Discord RSS test

    Disregard. Testing the functionality of the B2O Discord RSS bot.
  3. Tahokon

    Something new is coming... Probably :)

    Hello, boys! How are u? I need your help. So, maybe someone know that I'm a third-year student from Russia. I'm studying in applied informatics. In two years I need to present a graduate work. There are a lot of stuff I can do. It seems such but It's not the truth. I have decided to create my...
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