A Gamers Life – Void

I return once more to stark darkness.

Where was I, how did I get here?

Suspended, not sitting, not standing; a purgatory I’ve never imagined.

Empty, seemingly endless. Barren yet somehow full of…life?

Dim shapes taking form too dark to discern.

Haunted echoes grow in tone, familiar yet foreign, unrecognizable.

…but recognition is coming bringing with it retribution.

A prisoner in pain my soul aches.

Sounds beginning to fade taking ghosts with them.

All sounds save one.

All ghosts save one.

Taking form, gaining clarity.

Panic ensuing, don’t want to go, cannot stay.


Blurs coming into focus, darkness receding, color saturating.

Drawing closer, nearly there.

I close my eyes, I don’t want to see what’s coming.


Chapter 2… A Gamers Life – Now and Then

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