Adjusting Sidebar Height in vBulletin 4.x

I’ve been toiling with how to adjust the sidebar height in vBulletin 4.x series for a while now as it’s remained one of the last few, illusive, issues in buttoning up our Gaming Community Forum. Of course now the real fun begins in minimizing the plethora of issues that remain according to w3c.

For those of you who are having issues with sidebar height in vBulletin 4.x (particularly 4.1.11 +) then look no further.

Forget adjusting the Padding Values regardless of what Firebug is telling you. Adjusting the following:

padding: {vb:math {vb:stylevar padding}+7} 0;

…does you no good whatsoever. Also, trying to override it in additional.css also makes no difference.

The trick to adjusting the sidebar height in vBulletin 4.x series is to add a margin-top value. Since this is a new value, you can easily add it to the additional.css and it should display just fine.

In my case, my forum sidebar was lower than the main forum content so I just added a negative value to my #sidebar_container { code found in additional.css as follows:

#sidebar_container {
margin-top: -8px;

-8px turned out to be the magic value for me however you can experiment with this value to suit your own purposes.

Good luck!

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