1. Skid_Marc_

    [PracticePals] 9 July 2018 - Week 5 Thoughts and Plans

    What is everyone thinking about doing for PracticePals, specifically tonight, but also for the rest of the week? We are down to the final 2 weeks before the #iRacingSpa24. Do you guys want to race Belle Isle this week in League, so that it doesn't get dropped from the season? or would you prefer...
  2. Skid_Marc_

    [TONIGHT 1/1/18] #PracticePals on Discord!!

    Hey everyone! Hope you all had an enjoyable start to 2018! Tonight, Band of Others #PracticePals will be at Spa with the GT3 cars, as usual, but we are going to try to utilize our Discord server this time! For some of you who are already familiar with Discord, this shouldn't be a problem, but...
  3. Skid_Marc_

    [League] iRacing Season 3 Race 4 - B2O Blancpain Sprint Series - July 7th, 2017

    Its just another short jaunt (4.5 hrs) from Watkins Glen, New York to this week's race at Lime Rock Park in Salisbury Connecticut! This small 1.5 mile circuit should provide some really close racing! The track has only seven turns (simply named; [T1-2] BigBend, the Left Hander, the Right Hander...
  4. Kenadian

    [League] iRacing Season 3 Race 1 - B2O Blancpain Sprint Series - June 16, 2017

    Due to someones sick sense of humor, a clerical error or just utter stupidity, the Blancpain Sprint Series kicks off Season 3 2017 with a fizzle at Le Mans. Let's face it, Le Mans is an excellent track but does anyone want to spend more time here after putting in over a month getting ready for...
  5. Skid_Marc_

    iRacing Season 1 Race 7 - B2O Blancpain League - Jan 27, 2017

    Bathurst time!! I know I didn't hear a single groan of disappointment at that! 23 turns and home of the most 0x deaths in iRacing's history! Gotta have the balls to use all the pavement between the walls but also have the brains to not bury it into the dangerous walls. Also gonna have to keep...
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