1. Daunt

    B2O Community Gameday - March 9

    Want to get the ball rolling again on another episode of Community Gameday madness! Day: Saturday March Nein (9) Starting time will be around 8PM CEST/2PM EST As usual we'll use TF2 (Team Fortress 2) as a meeting ground, but feel free to reply with anything else one can come up with that...
  2. Daunt

    Arma 3 B2O Community Campaign 10/13/18

    For anyone that would like to join (just need base Arma 3)- EV / Quicksilver will be hosting a campaign of liberation Saturday 10/13/18 around 3pm EDT/9PM CEST or maybe all day... quick has it covered. Bring some wobbly pops and be ready to laugh your ass off.
  3. ElektroVodka

    B2O Community game-day November 17th

    It's been a while since our last very successful game-day. So hereby i decide and announce that the next edition of B2O's couple hours of coop madness will be held at the 17th of November (This year) Starting time will be around 9PM CEST/3PM EDT As usual we'll use TF2 as a meeting ground, but...
  4. ElektroVodka

    B2O Discord RSS test

    Disregard. Testing the functionality of the B2O Discord RSS bot.
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