1. Skid_Marc_

    Aircraft Carrier Crew Animations - WIP (June 14th, 2019)

    In case you missed it, DCS released some WIP video's of their Carrier Crew Animations in the News! Running Taxi Crouch (Idle) More screenshots can be found here!
  2. ElektroVodka

    G27 as rudder in DCS

    As requested by @Kenadian and for anyone else that has the G27 or similar pedals, a small howto. You can leave everything in the profiler default, so no combined pedals as i might've said on Twitch. In DCS you go to your axis commands and bind both the clutch and throttle to the corresponding...
  3. Daunt

    DCS Resource / Info Links

    Thread for gathering info related to all things DCS - guides, reference sheets and more, all in one place. Please feel free to add your own favorite references and I will add them to the OP. I'll be adding to this constantly... I don't yet have a lot good guides on weaponry (what bomb/missile is...
  4. Daunt

    B2O VFA-69 "Macaques" - DCS Blueflag

    Hi All, I'm looking to "formally" organize a B2OFW - the Band of Others Fighter Wing - a fighter wing dedicated to DCS blueflag. For those that do not know what blueflag is, it's a multiplayer dynamic campaign played over several days or weeks, against AI or other players. Players take sides...
  5. Nejtun

    DCS World updated

    So , while we were iRacing yesterday the subject of DCS popped up and it appears a lot more people play this very nice sim than I imagined so I would like to start a bit of a discussion for this title as it really shines when you play with a bunch of friends. Download the DCS world BETA here...
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