1. Daunt

    DCS Resource / Info Links

    Thread for gathering info related to all things DCS - guides, reference sheets and more, all in one place. Please feel free to add your own favorite references and I will add them to the OP. I'll be adding to this constantly... I don't yet have a lot good guides on weaponry (what bomb/missile is...
  2. Daunt

    B2O VFA-69 "Macaques" - DCS Blueflag

    Hi All, I'm looking to "formally" organize a B2OFW - the Band of Others Fighter Wing - a fighter wing dedicated to DCS blueflag. For those that do not know what blueflag is, it's a multiplayer dynamic campaign played over several days or weeks, against AI or other players. Players take sides...
  3. Nejtun

    DCS World updated

    So , while we were iRacing yesterday the subject of DCS popped up and it appears a lot more people play this very nice sim than I imagined so I would like to start a bit of a discussion for this title as it really shines when you play with a bunch of friends. Download the DCS world BETA here...
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