Week 7 Track Choice

  • [IMSA] Circuit Gilles Villeneuve - Grand Prix

    Votes: 6 60.0%
  • [iRLMS] Sebring International Raceway - International

    Votes: 4 40.0%

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Cast my vote for sebring - but both tracks this week are awesome. Now, I just have to figure out how to ensure that I can get out of the office AND have walked my dog before 4:30pm PT when the quali session opens :)

EDIT: Oh, I forgot that I have a new toy coming in this Friday that I want to try and mount to my rig before the weekend because I'm quite excited about it :p

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I would have to be able to play in Blimp view to see if you were blinking Denis, either that or wait for 3 or 4 laps after the start for you to come around and lap me again ;)
Sorry for a noob question but since I had to take off Friday during the Qually session and did not compete in the race I do not know, but do we post the results and points somewhere and do we keep an updated page that shows the results as we move through the season?
I would have to be able to play in Blimp view to see if you were blinking Denis, either that or wait for 3 or 4 laps after the start for you to come around and lap me again ;)
hehe its not really like that cmon :D
I will drive next race on higher pressures.I tried and car feels so much better to drive.Slower but at least it feels like car
Im not sure I will be here on Spa this week because I have German Nords 24h this weekend and Im still not sure about work.This race few days ago might be my last,will see


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I'll go ahead and get the ball rolling on the discussion about fuel, and, admittedly, I think the answer is pretty short, but I like to take my time getting there. First of all, I just want to explain the basic reasons why we did it in the first place (in case people don't know), secondly, the current state of control that we have when hosting a session in iRacing and the reality of what we can and can't control, and finally, my opinion.

When Ken first mapped out the B2O Blancpain Sprint Series League at the end of 2016, his goal was to follow the real-life BSS as closely as possible. This dictated things like running two races, and requiring one pit stop for tyres in each main race. Due to safety concerns, for both fire and number of people on an active pit road, and also understanding that the series is trying to cater to 'budget' teams that aren't practicing pit-stops every single day, no fueling is allowed on pit road and pit stops are limited to one tyre-changer and one tyre-carrier.

On top of that, even in the BES, where taking fuel is required by the length of the race, teams are not allowed to fuel the car AND change the tyres at the same time. That way, all focus is on the fueling of the car, and there is minimal chance for the fuel nozzle to get hit and knocked out, or for the driver to drive away with the fuel hose still attached since he'll still need tyres after the fueling is finished. This results in the obvious side effect of adding any fuel making the required pit-stop even longer, and, with a timed race, we obviously wanted to include the pit-stop while still minimizing the amount of time and impact it had on the race.

You also have to realize that we were trying to create a league that was a fair as possible, and catered to drivers of all driving levels and experience. Requiring full fuel eliminated the need to calculate fuel on the fly, kept the time on pit road balanced, and kept the time off the race-track to a minimum. It was also pretty easy to police, considering every main race was close to a full tank, and taking fuel on the pit stop was its own penalty, it was it's own deterrent.

It is important to note here that the official BSS, and other series that do not allow fueling on pit road during the race, does not have a starting fuel requirement! They are allowed to put in as much fuel as they need to run the race start to finish. iRacing only allows us, as a host or league, to control the size of the fuel tank for each car at the start of the race. It does NOT allow us to regulate how much fuel you put in, unless we also mandate fixed setups, which is something we don't want. It ALSO does not allow us to restrict pit stops to "tyres only". It's not like all of our races ran the cars completely dry, either. It was perfectly possible for someone to shave a few liters off of their fuel tank during our races and we would have no way of knowing. We were, and still are, going completely off the honor system.

The switch to GTE cars further complicates this matter, as these cars take fuel and tyres at the same time. This means, essentially, its the Wild West in terms of fuel in our leauge. The reality is that we, as a league, no longer have ANY way of policing how much fuel you start the race with. If there is no way for us to police it, than it is basically a mute point. There very little reason for us to have a rule that we have no way of controlling.

If we can find out exactly how much fuel each car can take during the pitstop, without adding time to what the tyres already take (28.3ish seconds), I can add that to the post, and if people want to shave fuel off of that, that is their choice, and for the people that just want to play it safe, they'll know how much fuel they can add without penalizing themselves on the pit-stop.

That said, I personally find it really sad to see a sim-racing community (and I'm talking about iRacers as a whole, not singling out people here at Band of Others) who can't handle driving the car with a full fuel load. I'm sorry that a few extra liters / kilograms of fuel, a little bit of tyre wear, or merely the sun's existence is such a burden to people on this platform.

It just really confuses me why so many people are spending all of this money to play a "sim", spending $100 per year for the subscription, all of the content individually, and the equipment that we're using that allows us to "feel" what the car is doing, when they really just want a vanilla, unchanging experience lap after lap after lap. I'm seriously not criticizing you, I get that we're not professionals, I get that it is time consuming, and it requires a lot of thought and effort to compensate for these changes.

I'm more just curious.... have you heard of Forza Motorsports? Maybe Gran Turismo? I mean, they are so much cheaper! One time cost $60 (biennial releases) + any DLC comes in the form of car-PACKS, you're not buying individual cars, and best of all, the control you have in hosting online sessions includes controlling things like; turning tyre wear off, turning fuel usage off, and turning damage off. That way, you don't need to practice things like tyre mangagment, you don't need to worry if you're using bad driving techniques like being on the the gas and brake at the same time, and therefore burning more fuel per lap than other people. It would cut down on the practice times considerably when you can eliminate all of the variables.

I pay for this because I want those things to matter, and I want to get better, to anticipate these changes, and be more comfortable with them. I want to be able to drive all out in a 15-minute Ferrari Challenge race, but I also want to be capable in endurance events, driving for hours at a time, on a full fuel tank, and on tyres that aren't the best. Does it feel as good as an empty car on fresh tyres? Of course not, but its going to feel equally crummy to everyone else. When the track is hot, its equally hot for everyone (now.. :p ). Its not like it is placing certain people at a disadvantage. For me, it goes far beyond worrying about my pace in League, or maintaining my iRating. I just want to get better, so that I can enjoy ANY racing that I do in iRacing!

The minute I allow myself to say that dealing with weather, tyre wear, fuel usage, draft, aero-push, and rubber/dirt/sand on the race track some how takes away from my ability to enjoy racing, that is the time to realize that I am no longer interested in Auto Racing.

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