Conan Exiles B2O server discussion thread

I went up to the den and purchased 3 bottles of the midnight potion, so we have that if we want to go the Midnight Grove next time we play.

Having the bear is kind of cool, he actually finds enemies and attacks them. He is a lower level bear, but he can kill people pretty quick.
Well, it appears the pet system is pretty buggy :( Did some research and other people have had their pets just disappear. So, I'm not the only one. I now have two rhinos and a bear, one of the rhinos is a greater rhino, so he is huge and super strong, but you can't hardly use him to fight. The problems they have with the rhinos continues, they are really buggy and you get stuck when you are trying to fight them. And pet ones follow you so close that you get stuck as well or they get stuck. Kind of frustrating, the greater rhino should be great for fighting but he's just too buggy. It looks like they can't go inside houses either. And I can't seem to capture a tiger cub. Spent a ton of time running along trying to pick it up and I just couldn't. ISSUES :rolleyes:
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