Possible New V8 Supercars Coming This Year?


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lol you must have had a big lunch to make the car roll over like that.

I wonder if it would roll over as easily if the curb taken was on the Driver side?
it is possible the baseline just has a bit too much front end grip, the only thing i remember rolling this easily is the porsche GT3 cup car, I also went in really early and I didn't feel like i could turn out of the roll without the car snapping so I just waited lol, I was not the first person to do this and I wont be the last :D
In my first race the car on my inside rolled across my boot before we even took the green!
It is also possible to do this with too much kerb at the left hander at the end of the Conrod Straight so be careful! :D
I only had some orange juice and a museli bar for breakfast and was wearing my summer undies so it wasn't me being too fat for the car :D
The New V8s are nice, moving gearstick and everything! ( drivers arms don't leave the wheel though so I guess he is using his mind :D ) Bathurst's Hell Corner seems to have a slightly less forgiving kerb though........
Holy shit Nejtun, I think your mechanics forgot the "anti" in anti-roll bar.

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