[Special Event] 2020 iRacing 24 Hours of Le Mans

Well that was definitely better than Nurburgring, at least from my perspective. Great job everyone. Our car definitely had some speed but we ended up in a split with some pretty quick P2 drivers.

Congrats @Ogami Itto for finishing your first endurance event, and not in a particularly easy class or car!

Was fun to get the fastest lap, but if someone had let me blow the engine as soon as it was down on power, I might've gotten the best average lap time as well :D:D


Enjoyed the race guys!!!!! It was really fun chasing that GTE down at the end. More driving then I have ever done and I was exhausted after my last stint last night, but, it was a good challenge :D

Congrats to @Ogami Itto on his first endurance race, he definitely pulled his load in a tough split and hung in there through frustrating circumstances.

@Nejtun, thanks for resubbing and joining us and big thanks to @Brainling for pulling it all together, always a honor to race with all of you guys!!!!:cool:
Thanks, guys! That was tough and I would have appreciated a bit less of a baptism by fire, but it is what it was. I still feel bad we finished so low amongst the finishers and I know most of those laps down were directly attributable to my driving, so my apologies.

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