Spintires: Mudrunner will get USA DLC

Thanks Ken :)

Gave the first map a try yesterday, and although not disappointed I'm not super impressed either with what I've seen so far.

The older cars are good fun (love the blazer), out of the 4 (semi) trucks I've tried only one is supposed to be off road worthy (The western star, and it does well enough).

I tried all other trucks off road as well of course, and they all struggle badly in the mud. The freightliner being worst, as its low front bumper will get stuck on any tree and rock in its way, and it has no traction in the mud whatsoever. The chevy bison struggles as well but at least has some ground clearance. The Ford 9000 seems to do best so far (out of the non-off road trucks) and is able to go cross country with small logs for sure (maybe more but I still need to try)
The skidder is well balanced, it does its job great in the mud, but it's not invincible.

I had an issue with the trailer hitch having zero clearance on the western star with fuel semi trailer, which was clearly a bug.
Other then that there's a good amount of attachments available for the trucks.

Haven't tried the hummer or forwarder yet.

Only two maps, and the first map I tried felt a bit on the small side, and had a tarmac road going all around to accommodate for the non-off road trucks. There were 2 delivery points, but at the same spot.
Simply dragging logs to the tarmac road with the skidder and loading up the trucks there will finish you this map with ease, also in hardcore mode, and with plenty of fuel points connected to the tarmac road fuel was not an issue. Although visually an appealing map, not very challenging...

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