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I'll likely run it in the Merc with Reid and Bedo.

Denis, the setup was great!!!!! Bedo adjusted the rake a bit and I ran it last night. I started with wing 3, but was a little faster with wing 2. Was able to get down to the 8:10s, which is fast for me, but I think I can find more time if I work with the setup some more. Thanks for sending :D
Np Deb,if I can help with anything just ask.Im equally fast or slow :) with wing 2 or 3,with 3 is of course better in corners so maybe I will run 3,will see

Ca you tell me what he did with rake so I can try?


Not the best race today :( Started off 17th on grid, with Bedo opening. Didn't make it very far with 5 cars wide going into a corner, Bedo on the inside, he gets flipped into the air:mad: Fortunately, he landed upright and kept going, the car was still driveable. A few laps later, another pile up pushes him into the wall so we were like in 31st place or something like that. I hope he saved the replay, because it was a crazy opening :oops: Somehow the car was still relatively okay. We decided to do 5 laps and take a quick repair, back on the track and Bedo finds another wall. So now the car is damaged and don't have a repair left. We kept driving, Bedo was able to get us up to 10th when he pitted for the last time. Came out of the pit in 15th, I had a lot of trouble with it, couldn't really push the car and was particularly difficult on the fast right handers. I had some slides, one causing more damage to the right side, one I can't believe I saved without further damage. Pitted in 11th. Reid drove last. We ended up finishing in 13th place with 14th 1.3 seconds behind! So, at least we survived.
At least you guys and girl race :)
I broke my foot,cant brake or walk so Im screwed.I mean its not broken bones,just hurts,cant walk and swelling is pretty big so sadly no racing for me :(
@SavreticD: Ouch - get well soon.

Our race was a mixed bag of a good first half and a worse second half. We were put into the same split as Deb/Bedo/Reid again. I started our race off 47th on grid. As Deb already mentioned, the first lap was insane and a long exercise in car avoidance. More like an autocross than anything else. I saw Bedo flying/flipping around before the first corner. He was overtaking me again directly after the first corner, while I was busy avoiding the next wrecks. He was just storming through the grass to the left :D.

Also on the first lap, I had a very close call with a BMW, who was sliding all over the place. We went two wide from Exmühle into Bergwerk, where I had the inside and we had contact. He started sliding, but got straighten out by my bumper. That could've ended badly for the four pack of cars I was in.

After the first lap, things settled down, and the rest of my stint was a lot calmer. Jes took over with a good second stint. When I took over for the third, we found ourselves in the top 10. Then things started to go wrong.

On lap 18, I missed a breaking point at the end of Metzgesfeld going into Kallenhard. Got on the grass to the right, then onto the grass to the left and touched the left barrier. :( Ended up with a very big dent in the hood and an off-center steering wheel. I was able to drive the rest of the stint, but lost a lot of time.

We took the fast repair when Jes took over for the last stint in 7th place. Unfortunately, with two laps to go, he got loose after Pflanzgarten and hit the barrier, which marked the end of our race. We think it might have happened from hitting a curb the corner before which might have left the car slightly unsettled. It made me feel slightly less bad about damaging the car on my second stint though. We finished in the pits in 24th position.
@Deb: I have a replay of the race. If you are looking for one, I can upload it (or parts of it).

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Sounds like top split on Saturday was not the only interesting action-packed split :). Shadni, you said you started on p47, were there any Porsches at all, or just GT3s?

The Porsche field I was in actually managed to make it through T1 in one piece this time. I started in 14th so I feared the worst. Around the rest of the GP circuit there was quite a bit of chaos ahead of me but I managed to get through it all.

About 3 laps in there was a lost Mercedes behind me in Flugplatz. He started flashing and I thought it would be a good opportunity to let him by there. What I forgot is that you can't really put a Porsche on the outside after Flugplatz without slowing down... So I brushed the wall and got myself some aero damage, one of the most stupid things I've done in a long time (not counting stopping before the finish in a league race :D).

My strategy was to do 9-8-6-6 laps but I wanted to pit in sooner because of the damage so I changed it to 8-9-6-6 laps. This is so that I could take tires the first two stints and then double stint only 12 laps worth. In hindsight, it probably would have been worth it to double stint twice in the race.

I got my fast repair during my first pit stop and after that I managed to stay up to pace and gain some positions (somehow doing a 8:08.5 on one lap). Overtaking worked out well, I could catch up to a few Porsches and then overtake them on a straight and then slowly but surely drive away from them.

Then, shortly after the last stop I was driving up Kesselchen by myself while watching my fuel and doing some calculations. At this point I had pitted out on old tires, which I forgot while messing around with fuel. So, up came Mutkurve and I braked too late, causing me to clip the wall quite badly: car toast. I can only blame myself but it was too bad because I was heading for a 4th place finish.

On the other hand, it's probably a good thing that I crashed because as you can check, my 9-8-6-6 strategy equals 29 laps and in the results I discovered that the Porsche leaders did 30 laps :|. I would have had to pit in for 11 L which would probably have cost me a position or two.
Thanks for posting the re-cap of the race for us, Hans! I felt so bad afterwards. From seventh place to 24th. I guess that is the beauty and the ugly of the Green Hell. Oh well, we'll get them next time.
Oh my goodness Denis, sorry to hear that, what happened???
Ahh hit the chair,was mad about something and I hit chair like its a ball,almost full power :)
Doesnt look good but better than yesterday,I couldnt walk to the toilet yesterday,today I can so it is better
Tnx guys for best wishes
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