A Gamers Life – Amidst the Shadows

Inside now, certainly dryer but no warmer.

Eyes need not adjust much in here, darkness is what drew him in.

He pauses for a moment taking in his surroundings. A dark room filled with even darker shadows.

Sparsely populated by shapes only slightly discernible.

Squinting he can make out the shape of a dresser, what appears to be a desk, a few piles of rubble and a staircase.

Entering the room he freezes at the foot of the stairs. At the top is a door presumably leading to the main floor.

Is that faint light around the doors edge?

The staircase seems impossibly illuminated, still painted in darkness yet not entirely black.

Perhaps lighter by proximity.

Staring at the door it reveals no secrets.

Around him the promise of loot, inviting.

Cognizant of the hour and danger outside, he pushes on.

Too late to turn back.




Senses dulled by discovery, the faint sound of footsteps goes unnoticed.

A door opens.


Chapter 5… A Gamers Life – Shadow

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