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SimCity 5 Update 7.0

So EA/MAXIS are still trying to revive the dead horse that is SimCity 5 by releasing update 7.0 for Simcity…

…but looking at what’s going on behind the curtain tells a story.

Some of the key people behind the controversial simulation game have left Maxis to found an independent studio.

Ocean Quigley, the former creative director and art director on the new SimCity has joined forces with Andrew Willmott, former engineering lead at Maxis, and Dan Moskowitz, former Maxis lead gameplay engineer, to found new developer Jellygrade.

“We’re a few recovering ex-AAA game developers, now looking to make the kinds of games we love on mobile,” reads the Jellygrade website.

Interesting choice of words – “recovering”…

For those sado-masochists among you that still enjoy the torture of attempting to do anything logical in SimCity 5 here are the update notes;


Hi Mayors — here’s the notes for Simcity update 7.0: 

• New Feature: Tool to create bridges, overpasses, and tunnels when you draw your roads. 
– While building your road, pressing the N key or M key will lower or raise the road accordingly creating overpasses, bridges and tunnels. Note: Existing road layouts cannot be raised or lowered 
• New: Improvements for traffic behavior to make it smarter. This should reduce the number of lines formed by all available vehicles converging on a single spot. This affects all vehicles including Police, Fire Trucks, Moving Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Recycling Trucks, Resource Trucks, Buses, Ambulances, and Civilian vehicles. 
• New: Tree tools – Place individual trees along your city roads. This tool is located at the end of the Nature Parks menu. 
 New: Vehicles now accelerate and decelerate faster, allowing them to leave buildings and cross intersections more efficiently. 
• Parks: Sports parks are now accepting Sims 24 hours a day. 
• Airship: The number of Airship passenger trips should now be correct over multiple days. 
• Freight: Freight trucks now only leave factories if they have a valid delivery destination. 
• Fix for freight trucks leaving the city instead of going back to the factories in some situations. 
• Terrain: Improves some instances where terrain covers sections of roads under certain scenarios while the camera is zoomed out. 


Great idea to include tunnels huh? Now you can create your own hobbit shire and rest easy knowing that the 15 fire engines in your city are all nose to tail in a human centipede like formation out of sight underneath a hill. While your city burns to the ground… Again.

So, with this 7.0 update for Simcity are you willing to give it another try?

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  • Duke August 26, 2013, 1:09 am

    lol @ firetruck centipede buried underground while the city burns to the ground…


    Nice post little P :0)

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