Robustus, where are you?

Back in the day at another Gaming Community we no longer mention around these parts, there was a member named Robustus who really stood above many. He was a very insightful and extremely supportive person and always listened and considered what you had to say prior to responding.

…a very rare trait in today’s world if you ask me.

I can’t speak for everyone but to me, Robustus played more the role of a Mentor and it was his encouragement that made me strive to join the Administration Team. Robustus always seemed to have my best interests at heart and never once strayed from helping me move forward, something I’ll never forget.

Now that this other Community has folded, we find ourselves reflecting on the past and thus trying to recapture these friendships of a time since past. Robustus if you’re out there, we’re here my friend and we’re hoping to once again connect with you should you have the time.

You will recognize many names should you peruse our forums.


Ken (aka Duke)

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