How often do you game?

Games, gotta love them! Not only are games often much more value on a dollar to dollar basis when compared to any other media, they also provide a release from the day to day that can sometimes overwhelm us.

Here at, we’re curious about our readers gaming habits so we’ve created a Poll to identify the average hours per week spent gaming.

Please remember this is an average so for example if you game one week for 4 hours and then the following week for 10 hours, your average gameplay hours/week would be 7 hours:

  • 4 hours (week #1)+ 10 hours (week #2)= 14 total gaming hours (2 week period)
  • 14 hours total gaming (2 week period) / 2 weeks = 7 hours gaming/week.

Please feel free to share this Poll with every gamer you know. It doesn’t matter if they are PC Gamers, Console Gamers or simply waste away hours at work playing Free Cell or Online Poker; it’s all gaming where we’re concerned.

Thank you for taking the time to vote!

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