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  1. Skid_Marc_

    [Special Event] 2018 iRacing 24 Hours of Nürburgring

    Preparation for the fifth event of the iRacing Special Events calendar is upon us! This is a team event. Two Drivers Minimum! Track: Nürburgring Nordschleife Combined Nürburg, Germany 15.77 Miles (25.38 km) - 170 Turns Date: 5-6 May 2018 Race Times: Saturday 13:00 GMT / 09:00 EDT Race...
  2. Nejtun

    ****2018 Special Events (Endurance)****

    Hi all, In order to hopefully make things easy for organising drivers and teams for the 2018 iRacing endurance events I am going to try to gather names and cars as early as possible. If you could put your name -events- preferred car (in that order) then it allows us to have an idea of the...
  3. Sam Roselaar

    B2O iRacing 24H of Nürburgring Team Discussion

    It's time for yet another 24h of racing :) Maybe someone will make a higher quality thread if desired, i'm just here to get things started. I'm not usually the one to start a thread so feel free to take over xD As of now iRacing is hosting just 1 timeslot on April 22nd, Saturday 13:00 GMT /...
  4. Skid_Marc_

    2016 iRacing Bathurst 1000

    We are just over a week away from the most challenging Endurance event of the year! 161 laps around circuit Mount Panorama in the V8 Supercars!! When: Saturday 15/10/2016 - 2:00 GMT (Friday 10:00 PM EDT) **Broadcasted** ...........Saturday 15/10/2016 - 13:00 GMT (Saturday 9:00 AM EDT)...
  5. Skid_Marc_

    "Snore Before the 24"

    Just wondering if anyone would be interested in running this event with me? It is a 2.4 Hour (144 minute) multi-class race utilizing the Kia, Mustang, Jetta, and Slo...er.. Solstice, at Daytona Road Course (Night). Max car count is 20 cars in each class!! :icon_eek::icon_eek: Session starts...
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