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Alright so first impressions of ATS Oregon DLC, it's disappointing at best.

I very much appreciate the greenery and the transition from desert to rainforest but the cost of seeing this is way too high.

Performance in this DLC is horrible. As soon as I hit the California/Oregon border my frames tanked.

Now some may think that I was looking for this but I was not. I had no idea I was actually at the California/Oregon border as I'd taken a wrong turn on the i5 and had to drive East and then backtrack a substantial distance to get on route. It just so happens when my performance dumped I checked the map and to my surprise was on the border.

There was noticeable drop in smoothness in gameplay that only worsened the farther North I got.

...and this is nearly everything turned to low.

Also worth mentioning is none of this was an issue at all during this play-through when coming from California up. This is strictly an Oregon issue that I couldn't even correct lowering graphical settings.

What's even more perplexing is I had a lot of system headroom remaining according to XSplit so I know it wasn't a streaming issue.

I ran FRAPS to see if my framerates had dropped as low as 20 fps (which is how it looked) but FRAPS was reporting 80 - 90 FPS solid.

At worst streaming may have negatively impacted gaming performance slightly but it clearly isn't the root cause of it, at least not on my system.

Added to this was the horrible visuals in many locations. There are a large number of areas where they simply copy/pasted shrubbery, bushes, trees, etc. and didn't even rotate them slightly to minimize the impact. Also the last time I saw textures this flat I was out of bound in Battlefield 3.

It's so bad the trees in iRacing put it to shame and iRacing trees are shit.

There was even a Ranch where Cowboys were herding horses and it was a static image, nothing was animated.

EDIT: @Skid_Marc_ tells me this is "silhouette artwork" so I guess that's intended then lol.

Be that as it may I know it sounds like I'm dumping on ATS but it isn't so, I really want to like this DLC. Oregon is 1 US State away from where I live, it's quite literally coming up on my back yard and it's just horribly disappointing.

I've actually uninstalled ATS yet again and I'm not sure if I'm ever coming back at this point?

This just was not worth a years wait.
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What kind of system are you on that you need to turn everything down low, that is absolutely weird. Even on my old pc with gtx660 I had everything high except for mirrors and shadows (and streaming at the same time), and I believe you have a much better system than that?
With my current system I have constant fps and only start dropping from max fps a litle bit in some very busy urban areas way op North when there is heaps of traffic around. The coastal road is great imho, and the Northern cities have a really nice urban feel to them, with nice complex stacked interchanges and the likes. The South-East area looks very empty to me, but I've been told that's like it is in real life by someone who lives there and watched me stream. All the old bridges look good, and I even had to wait for a bridge that was opening. And yeah, the horses are made out of sheet metal in real life XD

BTW, I can't see an image or whatever it is you posted in your post, it looks like a black square to me?


Sorry to hear it was so disappointing to you, I don't understand why you're having performance issues though, you should be able to run this with no issues whatsoever...
Of course if you have to set the game up to run like you have a dual core 2.4 with a gts 450, underwhelming graphics are to be expected, no doubt about that.
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Do you not stream at both a lower resolution and bitrate than I do @Shilka?

Having said that it doesn't affect any other part of ATS and I have zero issues anywhere in ETS2. As stated my FPS was also between 80 and 90 but the scenery was extremely choppy going by. Also, Track IR was negatively impacted so much so that turning my head would not render smoothly ingame.

In most games I run a bit lower details in the interests of smooth framerates and a smooth streaming experience. My computer can handle higher for sure but I'm more interested in fluid gameplay than I am eye candy.

As for the links, I'm unsure why they're not working?

I'm probably going to update my video drivers and see if that helps though. I last updated them for the BFV Beta so maybe they're not current enough?

I really don't think that's the issue but maybe it's worth trying.
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Weird, I'm not seeing the twitch video links then.

I actually record at native resolution, and then convert it down to a lower resolution before it gets streamed at a lower bitrate, so I actually have to do the extra conversion step on top of just directly streaming, and did the same on my old pc. I still think it is weird, might be a bug or something with past installed mods bugging out or so? For me, ETS2 dips lower in FPS and more often so then ATS, so I got ETS graphics turned down slightly compared to ATS.

I do know that ATS/ETS2 does not have hand placed trees in general (you can, but along roads you just pick between road with shrubs, road with line of trees, road with medium density trees etc), you just have automated tree generation. The more you lower your settings, the less detailed the tree models become, and the amount of tree models used goes down as well, so yeah, lowering settings will lead to flatter looking trees, and to a more copy pasted feel as the amount of tree types goes down too.

Oregon is definitely not as impressive as France / Italy in ETS2, that is for sure, but I guess that Oregon really isn't the state for that anyway. If you compare in game with real life I think Oregon does better then for example the San Francisco area, but yeah, it looks like it earns the title 'Beaver State' for sure XD
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Seems quite a few people have fired up ETS/ATS recently ( some haven't stopped lol )
I too have been tempted a bit as a few more VR optimisations are in place and it is much nicer to play now.
Just wanted to point out a couple of things that some of you may already know but are new to me!

First up there are a couple of newish mods that improve the graphics.
Realistic graphics mod By Frkn64
Also a nice rain mod by AlexeyP that is much MUCH more realistic with lorry speed dictating how the rain moves on the windscreen.

Both of these combined make it way darker at night and also quite dark when the rain is heavy, the clouds are more realistic as well.
Not sure how high you have to slam your graphics to run these, but worth a try perhaps?

I personally do not have pro mods installed, I am not sure what I am missing with this?

There are also a few multiplayer servers run by TruckersMP which seem to be very popular. Their #1 server is speed restricted (90kph) and has no cars, the #2 Server has Cars but no speed restrictions.
They do however have rules so that hopefully everyone can enjoy the game, If anyone has tried this please let me know your thoughts on this!

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