Assetto Corsa Competizione

I mean, iRacing will always have a place in the sim world of course, and ACC only covers the Blancpain series, so I don't think it will ever replace it?

But for structured Blancpain racing among friends then yeah I'd say ACC will be the go to option when it's released next year. Especially since you can buy the game for less than the cost of a car and a track on iRacing.
In case anyone wondered what the rating system indicators mean here is a useful graphic explaining them. This has never been done before and I really like the direction they are headed with these rating systems. iRacing obviously has a couple of rating systems based on results and offtracks/collisions with project cars 2 trying (and failing) to implement something similar. This system in competizione is much more in depth and is really interesting. It makes everything you do in the sim matter, and you can try to improve your rating based on the current rating you have in any category, or see where you need to adjust your driving style (maybe too many points in the RC category and too few in the CN category? that's why you are finishing lower down in the points all the time). The latest patch is out by the way and the ffb is even better than before. I'm really excited for the full release as this is definitely going in the right direction, and is a ton of fun even in this very early access stage.
ah dude, great news! looks interesting indeed. U are getting me all warm and fuzzy inside now. But ... i have one major question still, i looked at the real Blancpain calendar, there are only 10 tracks! That will not be enough! I guess they have all the laser data from official AC content so i am hoping that those will get put in as well. I cant wait to punt Noel out at Nords and say it where his headlights blinding me in the fog. :)
@jeeve I had no clue AC had all these mods, you seem to be pretty knowledgeable about this. I too would like to know which are the must haves! Tag me when you make the topic please :)

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