iRacing Le Mans Series Solo and Endurance

Tested the set ups that on the file browser on teamspeak for the 488 and the only changes I made was to the traction control setting to 1 (I believe this is the highest) as I felt more comftarble and on 4 I couldn't get on the power otherwise I got sideways on the exit of most corners.
Don't think that's the setup we've all been testing. It's linked on the last page in a post by Slider.

After a few long runs last night my only issue that I feel it gets really under steery, really fast. First couple of laps seem okay and then it falls off an under steer cliff where after about 30 degrees of wheel input you just start losing the ability for the front end to bite. Adding rake would probably help, but would also put the rear end up in the air and slow it down on the straights. The track was also incredibly greasy last night because of the temperature in the session we we're in so that didn't help.
Solo is on Le Mans this week. I'll 100% race, just don't know when. Would you all run a race during PP? I can't go past 11pm EST in any case, so 9pm EST race would be latest.
Are the times for the race list on the site real? 07:00 GMT and 19:00 GMT? Those are kind of crap for me. Only way I can race this is to run the 07:00 GMT one, which is midnight Friday night my time, or run a triple at the front end of the 19:00 GMT one because I have to take my kid somewhere that afternoon.

Why not follow the normal endurance time slots?


Yeah I looked it up and it said 7:00 and 19:00 GMT. I don't know what's up with that. I am not racing at 7:00 GMT, that is 2:00 AM here :eek: I could do the 19:00 GMT, which is 2:00 PM here. But I don't want to triple stint, so sounds like we would need 3 drivers and each run two stints. I guess there will be only 16 cars in a split, that's what is seems to says. I guess you must qualify prior to the race as there are no qualifying sessions up.

I'll be on PP tonight, if folks are there we can try to decide. I ran the setup last night and track temp was at 98 and felt very good on medium friction. Was able to get in the 3:54s and am still working on it, so I know there is more time to be found. I think I can run low friction as well, either way.
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I'm going to do the solo race tonight at some point. I'll be around for PP as well.

I don't mind starting the race with a double stint, but yeah, I would basically have to leave soon after that to take my daughter to theater practice. I would be back home right as the race was ending.
Anyone had any issues with mini screen freezes in the Le Mans series?

I had one at Sebring and had a couple in the Le Mans race earlier tonight which was frustrating.
Not really sure Ryan. I think it's something iRacing needs to fix.

So if I heard correctly tonight, and I'll admit I was focused on that race so only half paying attention most of the time, it sounds like Deb, Sam and I are going to drive the 19:00 race Saturday? I'll start with a double stint before I have to run off and be Mr. Dad and you too will figure out how to split up the rest of the race? That's what I thought I heard but want to confirm.


I think that works, if it works for Sam. If Bedo can drive, I'll give him one of my stints, unless another team is going to run as well. Shouldn't matter on driver swap time since we'll have to refuel anyway. I wonder if you can double stint tires on this track, would seem like you could.


@Brainling and @Sam Roselaar, I sent both of you an invite to a B2O Fusion team because I didn't know if there was a team we are all on together that we could register. Last time when we tried to add someone at the last minute, they didn't get to register, so I figured I better head that off. Uploaded the B2O paint as well.
Hmm, I don't see an invite for me in my invite list. My full iRacing name is "Matthew A Holmes".

e: I searched for the team and applied.
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